Thursday, March 11, 2010

Top Down and Hair not-so on Fire

Tuesday was an awesome afternoon here. Everyone was talking at work about how great the weather was--outside.

Me--I had a late meeting that didn't end until about 4:30, so I couldn't even give into my developing case of Spring Fever and blow the popcorn stand to go outside and enjoy the weather.

But--as I hit the parking lot and noticed the great weather I did something that I have wished that I could do for years but never had the capability to do--I put the top down on Cat and decided to drive home and enjoy the sunshine and the pre-Spring day. Yes, the picture is from when I brought the car home and all of the snow is gone now--but you get the idea.

Wow--all of the snow--except for one pile along the fence is gone--we are making progress.

It was awesome. I turned the heat up to high, and left the windows up to keep the wind off me and enjoyed a great ride home in the afternoon 62 degree or so sunlight.

So how badly do I want it to be warmer? Pretty badly! It was a pretty sedate ride home--but I was already thinking of July and driving to Florida and stopping alongside I-95 to put the top up for the oncoming rainstorm in the sultry 95 degree heat and 95 percent humidity of the Dog Days of summer. I can smell it even as I write it--bring it on!!!!

Hey--the snow is gone, mostly and that is a start.

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