Friday, March 12, 2010

Things People Say That Make You Wonder

Every so often a phrase comes out wrong but is so true.

For instance consider this:

"I have created a problem where there was none. My job is done here." Now consider if this was a news report about another session in Congress regarding health care, or the Maryland legislature about anything. How true it would be.

I have heard other such phrases over time, but cannot remember them. But they usually rank up there with those timeless ones like:

Creating a mountain out of a molehill --one of my personal favorites and it seems to happen more and more.

Or when I was on a traveling inspection and compliance team while I was in the Air Force--the two great phrases:

We would say: We're here to help and they would respond: We're happy to see you!

Or back in the days of corporal punishment when a father would say to his disobedient son just before the belt or cat-o-nine tails hit his bottom: This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you! Really? Then what's the use, I always wondered. Oh, maybe I wasn't supposed to admit being THAT son!

Oh well, I know there are a lot more of these kind of phrases, but----

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