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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

A Different Anniversary

It has been one year since I rang the bell three times signifying the end of my prostate cancer treatments. 

I documented the end of my cancer treatment in my blog titled I Rang the Bell. Over the past year I have thought less and less about cancer every day. I wear a blue bracelet to remind me of what is behind me and to force me to look ahead to the future. 

I remember the celebration we held to mark the bell ringing. Many of my family and friends were there and I felt their love and support. I continue to feel their love and support.

At the conclusion of this first year post-treatment, all of the signs are positive. In some ways, my quality of life now is better than it was before the treatment! And for that I am very happy.

And now, year two begins!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A Series for the Ages

This World Series is a one of a kind. The last time the home team did not win through six games was--never! This is the first time that it has happened like this in all of the World Series that have been played. Tonight is the concluding game seven with no wins thus far at home for either team.

An ESPN writer puts it this way: No team has won a World Series without winning a home game, but several teams have won Games 6 and 7 on the road: the 1926 Cardinals, 1934 Cardinals, 1952 Yankees, 1958 Yankees, 1968 Tigers, 1979 Pirates and 2016 Cubs. The Nationals will look to make a unique kind of history in Game 7, while the Astros will try to cement their legacy as an all-time great team. 

Matt Kelly at wrote:

The Nationals’ season-saving 7-2 victory over the Astros in Game 6 on Tuesday night made road teams a perfect 6-0 in this year’s Fall Classic. It’s the first World Series in which the road team has won each of the first six games, and it’s also the first time in 1,420 best-of-seven postseason series across MLB, NBA and NHL in which the road team has won each of the first six contests.

And then of course, last night's game had the controversy with the runner being called out for interference running to First Base. There needs to be some drama in every World Series. 

Personal Trivia

One year ago today, I completed my 16th of 44 radiation treatments for prostate cancer. Wow! What a difference a year makes. I have had two follow-ups with the radiation oncologist since completing the treatments and everything seems great!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

Monday, June 3, 2019

Flat Water and Great Days

Home Sound National Wildlife Refuge Beach, FL
June 2, 2019
As Monday morning dawns and I hear the distant sound of the train whistle, I realize how lucky that I am to be away from the rush of my day-to-day life and in Florida where Chris told me yesterday, as we were walking the beach, I am living the dream. I cannot fully comprehend how fortunate that i am to have the opportunity that currently have to be able to fly two-and-a-half hours from home to home! 

The weather has been almost idyllic in that the mornings are fantastic and then the obligatory afternoon rains come through making the evenings are nice and steamy. Chris and I have been completing a multitude of projects around our Florida home. We are still decorating and looking for that perfect piece of furniture for one room or another. Yesterday we found the perfect carpet for our patio area and it makes the place "pop!"

Even more exciting than the projects and the relaxation, the ocean has been still and inviting. Yesterday at Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge the water was still! Flat even. It was war and inviting and we spent time in the water and strolling the beach looking for shells. We saw no less than three crab, big crabs, playing in the surf and I saw sand fleas launching themselves in the water to find new places to spend some time. It is summertime, almost. 

Yesterday was National Cancer Survivor Day and I am both happy and sad to count myself among that group of people. Happy that I am a survivor, but sad that I joined the group in the first place. It is truly a group that no one actively seeks to join. 

Today, more sun, ocean, projects, and relaxation. It is the beginning of the workweek after all. I am hoping to enjoy more flat water. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, Florida

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Last Light of a Really Good Day

Tops of the Trees in the Setting Sunlight
Elkridge, MD
March 11, 2019
Last evening Chris and I sat outside, again for the second night in a row. around the fire pit and watched the evening fall. It was warmer, in the 50's and for a change the skies cleared and blue was the color of the evening. 

It was a nice evening. I was able to get my chainsaw out and begin transforming the wood pile from downed trees into pieces of wood suitable for burning. We had about 5 dead ash trees felled before winter because we were concerned that they might fall on their own and do some damage. Now I get to cut them into logs suitable for burning in a fireplace or our outdoor fire pit. After cutting for a while with Chris stacking the logs, we stopped and started a nice fire around which to enjoy a bottle of wine. Then we ordered Chinese actually enjoyed our first meal of the year outside. Yes, it was cool--in the 50's, but very enjoyable. It actually wasn't out first meal outside as we had eaten lunches and dinners outside when we were in Florida during January--but it was the first of the year for Baltimore. It was quite an evening, we went outside to begin cutting wood about 4PM and by the time we finished dinner and talking and let the fire die, it was dark and after 8PM. 

Yesterday was also my first post prostate cancer treatment follow-up with the radiation oncologist. It was time to get the results from the tests that I had done last week. And the results are: everything looks good. It was good to see the treatment team again, we have formed a unique bond, and they were very encouraged by my results which seem to indicate a successful treatment. I get to visit with them every six months for the next five years before they will be able to certify me as cancer free. I have been participating in a study for prostate cancer patients and follow-up and I was told yesterday that I will be getting paid! Who knew! I had thought I was just a volunteer for the study. The pay is not enough to live on or anything like that, but it will buy lunch!

It was a great way to start the middle week of March!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I Rang the Bell

Ringing the Bell
December 10, 2018
Three times I rang the bell. 

There is a tradition that at the completion of a round of radiation treatment or chemo therapy, patients ring a bell three times to signify the end of the treatment and the transition into the rest of their lives.

I, accompanied by my dearest family and the fantastic staff and technicians at the University of Maryland Central Maryland Radiation Oncology Center, rang the bell yesterday to signify completion of my prostate cancer treatment regimen. The staff at the center made my daily visits as enjoyable as they possibly could be and I want ot send them a huge thank-you. At the beginning, 63 days earlier, I wondered how I could possibly get through 44 daily treatments. It was their great attitudes and the support and prayers of my family and friends that made it possible.

Completed Daily Treatment Schedule
This morning, I am still overwhelmed by the out-pouring of love shown to me. 

Yes, we threw a party last evening in celebration and even celebrated long distance with friends trapped in the snow of Central Virginia. 

There was wine and Cava, food and noise, and love.

Thank you to all. But a big thank you to Chris--she shouldered the biggest part of the burden of getting me through the daily grind. Her cheerful can do, one day at a time attitude helped my to check off each day of my now completed daily treatment plan. And because of adding in a Sunday in November, I actually finished one day early! 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

Friday, November 30, 2018

91.67 Percent

Some of you probably recognize the percentage in the title. It is more common than you think.

I wonder why we always default to 95 or 98 percent for things. Do we really know what is 95 percent of something? Or even 98 percent?

In trying to assess the completeness of the basement remodel project I struggles with a percentage. Should I do it by dollars spent? Or the time taken to perform the activities far divided by the total time I expect remaining?

Ugh, no. 

I am just estimating, and probably poorly at that.

Today marks the 91.87 percent completion for the year 2018. Being that it is the last day of December, the year is 11/12ths complete.

It makes me sad. 

While 2018 has not been one of my better years, it has been a solid year. I have great memories of the family cruise aboard Allure of the Seas and I have great memories of spending time with friends and traveling to Florida. There was a great Kenny Chesney concert as well. I will spend time giving over my blogs pulling together the memories of the year that is nearly complete.

Today also marks the 86.36 percent completion of my prostate cancer treatments. By the end of the day I will have completed 38 of the 44 schedules sessions, leaving 6 to go! My how the time has flown. It really has.

Today also is the last day of Movember. That does not mean that I will stop advocating for men's health issues--that is a full time project. But, I will likely shave my mustache over the weekend.

Maybe I'll take an image of it before I do!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD
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