Sunday, March 21, 2010

Springtime Celebration

So there we were last evening.

Enjoying the first evening of Spring by having dinner on the pool deck under the darkening evening sky. Steaks that were a bit over cooked and a nice bottle of wine were on the table as we reflected on the day.

We had the propane heated going to help us to enjoy the evening and not be too cold. Watching the dog and the cat wander around the pool area. We also had music blaring on the radio kind of as a foretaste of the celebrations to come this summer.

Talking about the day and the hard work we did to get the house ready for the coming season. And to make everything look good. Removing the dead branches and plants and replacing them with new life. Pruning our lives too of the dead pieces left over from the winter.

The grass is already green and our lawn service has put down the first treatment of the year to make it green so I have to mow it more.

It was nice to look into the darkening sky and to see the stars through the trees which soon will be clothed in green leaves. And to imagine forward into the summer and splashing on the pool.

What a great ending to the first day of a new season!

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