Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Musings - March 22, 2010

1. It is finally officially Spring and the weather has been cooperating with temperatures above normal calling us outdoors to work and play. What a change from just a couple of months ago. The outlook for the week is rainy and cool--but only one day with low temperatures below 40.

2. As I write this morning. I realize that I now live in a country with universal health care due to the Congress ramming it through last night. Why don't I feel any better about it and worry that the quality of the care I receive will only decline?

3. Yesterday was a celebration for and dedication of Lucas. We all met a church for the dedication and then back to the house for an incredibly good pasta meal.

4. "One more ride on the tractor!" Spoken in unison by two grandsons yesterday--at least 10 times. How soon the speed of the tractor will seem too slow for them both.

5. In reviewing some of the provisions of the new health care bill, I see again that our society is perpetuating something that I have seen in our schools--a negative view of those who are successful. Every time there is new legislation that needs funding there seems to be an increased tax burden for the wealthy--which is loosely defined as families making more than $250,000 per year. Where is the incentive to do your best and succeed? Where did the idea of getting something for nothing come from? The desire to obtain votes? Who is voting for this?

6. The grass in the yard is green and growing. I am on schedule to mow for the first time before the end of the month!

7. Another week is upon me--with its challenges and excitement.

8. Syracuse and Cornell both in the NCAA Men's Basketball Sweet Sixteen. Now there is a truly great accomplishment for Central New York. What color do you get when the orange mix it up with the big red? Could happen!

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