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Monday, June 3, 2024

Monday Musings - June 3, 2024


1. Monday musings in back! Welcome to the first Monday of June!. This is the month that Summer begins with the Summer Solstice. There are only 30 Mondays remaining in the year. 

Calm Day on the Loxahatchee River
Tequesta, FL
June 2, 2024
2. I seem to enjoy activities that begins with the letter B. Some that I can think of are: biking, boating, and beaching.

3. I got out for a pleasant 17 mile ride yesterday. It was earlier than usual and the traffic, being a Sunday, was pleasantly light. Stopping on the Tequesta Loxahatchee Bridge as I neared the end of the ride I saw that it was a fairly good day on the water. I, of course, wished that I could be out in a boat. 

4. My grill died! Ugh. That is a travesty. Chris and I are now grill shopping. We are quite limited in our selection as it must be electric and have a surface area of no more than 200 square inches. Also, we do not have a large spot on our patio to support a grill station. 

5. I have avoided the topic of the former President's conviction intentionally, but I have happened upon items that need to be remembered. The Biden administration did not convict the former president--a jury of 12 peers in New York City did. One wonders why Trump is so unliked in the city he called home for decades. At least that is what he professes. Trump has been involved in over 4,000 legal proceedings during his career, the only reason this one was different is because he is a former president. He kept saying he was being treated unfairly, and he was because unlike any of us in a similar situation he was not in jail and is freely able to travel around the country. Finally, the eight Senators who signed the letter pledging not to do their jobs should be impeached for not carrying out the business they were elected to do and are required to do under The Constitution. I note that both of Florida's senators signed the letter.

6. Today in History. On June 3, 1943, a group of U.S. sailors marches through downtown Los Angeles, carrying clubs and other makeshift weapons and attacking anyone wearing a “zoot suit”—the baggy wool pants, oversized coats and porkpie hats favored by many young men of color at the time. 

Over the next week, the so-called Zoot Suit Riots spread throughout the city, including the largely Mexican-American neighborhood of East Los Angeles and the largely Black neighborhood of Watts. The riots marked the culmination of simmering racial tensions in Los Angeles, set against the backdrop of World War II.

Judge blocks key defense evidence in Hunter Biden gun trial - CNN

 Fact check Trump falsely claims he didn’t call to lock up Hillary Clinton - CNN

The far-right Proud Boys rebuilding, rallying behind Trump - Reuters

OPEC+ extends deep oil production cuts into 2025 - Reuters

Russia warns US against 'fatal' miscalculation in Ukraine - Reuters

The U.S. Gave Chip Makers Billions. Now Comes the Hard Part. - The Wall Street Journal

China Is 'Prepositioning' for Future Cyberattacks—and the New NSA Chief Is Worried - The Wall Street journal

‘She Hooked Me’: How an Online Scam Cost a Senior Citizen His Life’s Savings - The Wall Street Journal

Mexico elects its first female president - The Washington Post

The B-17 blew apart in an instant. The memory has burned for 80 years. - The Washington Post

A Surging Hard Right in Europe Stumbles Over Its Own Divisions - The New York Times

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL


Monday, May 6, 2024

Monday Musings - May 6, 2024


1. And it has arrived, the first Monday of May. Yes, the summer is almost upon us! Beware though, there are only 34 Mondays remaining in the year. 

Mustang Mach-E Puddle Light

2. Our new car, the Mustang Mach-E, has something called a puddle light. The car projects a Mustang onto the ground when we come near, but it only seems to happen during periods of darkness. It makes me smile when I see the light as I approach the car.

Lizard on a Palm
Cove Road Park, Port Salerno, FL
May 5, 2024

3. Chris and I did a 12-mile ride yesterday through a state park and to another park where people often put their kayaks into the water. It was a great ride and we saw over 10 tortoises. I had an experience with a lizard. We went eye-to-eye and he wasn't backing down. He made it clear that he owned the palm tree he was clinging upon.

4. In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, we hosted a small gathering of friends last evening. The margaritas were excellent as was the seven-layer dip Chris made. 

5. Is the daily news getting repetitive? 

6. The facts and nothing but the facts

What Trump Said: “I even built the embassy. And it’s a beautiful embassy for a lot less money than anybody ever thought possible.”

The Facts: Trump is talking about his decision to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusaem, which he announced in December 2017. In early 2018, Trump claimed the U.S. would spend only $200,000 to $300,000 on the project. The embassy opened in May 2018, with the U.S. originally spending just under $400,000 on modifications to the site. But just months after the opening, Desbuild Limak, a Maryland-based firm, was awarded a $21.2 million contract from the State Department to design an extension and security enhancements—upgrades that put the embassy's cost more than $20 million over budget. (Time Magazine)

7. Today in HistoryIn a May 6, 1994 ceremony presided over by England’s Queen Elizabeth IIand French President Francois Mitterrand, a rail tunnel under the English Channel is officially opened, connecting Britain and the European mainland for the first time since the Ice Age.

The Channel Tunnel, or “Chunnel,” connects Folkestone, England, with Coquelles, France, 31 miles away. The Chunnel cut travel time between England and France to a swift 35 minutes and eventually between London and Paris to two-and-a-half hours.

As the world’s longest undersea tunnel, the Chunnel runs under water for 23 miles, with an average depth of 150 feet below the seabed. Each day, about 30,000 people, 6,000 cars and 3,500 trucks journey through the Chunnel on passenger, shuttle and freight trains.

Analysis Trump’s criminal trial enters a pivotal week as Democrats deal with protest fallout and Speaker Johnson fights for survival again - CNN

Black voters won a big victory in Louisiana. Some White voters said it violated their ‘personal dignity’ - CNN

Bodies found in Mexico confirmed as those of missing American and Australian tourists - CNN

Sea drone warfare has arrived. The U.S. is floundering. - Reuters

Putin orders tactical nuclear weapon drills to deter the West - Reuters

How the Gaza campus protests differ from the Vietnam war era - Reuters

​​Putin is forging a new Russia: Ultraconservative, militarized and anti-West - The Washington Post

IDF urges civilians to evacuate parts of Rafah; cease-fire talks at impasse - The Washington Post

Boeing’s Big Space Test: Using Starliner to Ferry NASA Astronauts - The Wall Street Journal

The Science Behind Why the World Is Getting Wetter - The Wall Street Journal

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Monday, April 29, 2024

Monday Musings - April 29, 2024


1. It is the final Monday of the five Monday month of April. We are at the end of the first third of the year. There are just 35 Mondays remaining in the year. Next up? Cinco de Mayo!

Bluebird in the Morning
Odenton, MD
April 28, 2024

2. Yesterday, a bluebird perched at the very top of a fir tree. It sat there long enough for me to actually get my phone out of my pocket and snap a pretty good image. I was happy the image of the bird came out so well, I think I had zoomed in as far as possible with the camera.

3. A miraculous thing happened yesterday! The temperature in Maryland rose to above 70 degrees and I was able to don shorts and a tee-shirt leaving the heavier clothes behind. Yay!

4. The Orioles had a difficult series against the Athletics by losing 2 of 3 games. Both of the losses were the result of blown saves in the 9th inning by the closer. Maybe they need to get a new closer. Hopefully things will get better during the upcoming four-game series against the team whose name shall remain unwritten or spoken.

5. Dogs are very intelligent. Nicole's dog, Lily, remembers that we walk Finnegan every day during the morning and keeps a close eye on Chris and I for signs that a walk is imminent. She has not missed a walk yet.

6. Today in HistoryOn April 29, 2004, the World War II Memorial opens in Washington, D.C. to thousands of visitors, providing overdue recognition for the 16 million U.S. men and women who served in the war. The memorial is located on 7.4 acres on the former site of the Rainbow Pool at the National Mall between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. The Capitol dome is seen to the east, and Arlington Cemetery is just across the Potomac River to the west.

The granite and bronze monument features fountains between arches symbolizing hostilities in Europe and the Far East. The arches are flanked by semicircles of pillars, one each for the states, territories and the District of Columbia. Beyond the pool is a curved wall of 4,000 gold stars, one for every 100 Americans killed in the war. An Announcement Stone proclaims that the memorial honors those “Americans who took up the struggle during the Second World War and made the sacrifices to perpetuate the gift our forefathers entrusted to us: A nation conceived in liberty and justice.”

An El NiƱo-less summer is coming. What that could mean for the US - CNN

 House Speaker Johnson will face the fallout from his foreign aid package today - CNN

Blinken to Hamas: Accept Israel's 'extraordinarily generous' Gaza truce proposal - Reuters

US lawmakers strike deal to boost aviation safety, will not raise pilot retirement age - Reuters

Ukraine pulls back from three villages in east, Zelenskiy pleads for weapons - Reuters

Russia steps up offensive on east Ukraine village, Kyiv says its forces holding out - Reuters

Regulator Investigates Ford’s Hands-Free Driving System After Fatal Crashes - The Wall Street Journal

In America’s Biggest Oil Field, the Ground Is Swelling and Buckling - The Wall Street Journal

An assassination plot on American soil reveals a darker side of Modi’s India - The Washington Post

Opinion|Is another Trump coup case really necessary? Yes. Arizona matters. - The Washington Post

-- Bob Doan, Odenton, MD


Monday, April 22, 2024

Monday Musings - Monday. April 22, 2024


Happy Earth Day

1. Welcome to the fourth Monday of April. Where is the month going? There is one Monday remaining in the month and there are just 36 Mondays remaining in the year. I hope your taxes are filed. 

2. A stadium concert etiquette question:

A person spills an adult beverage onto the people in front of them which leaves puddles in their seats and drenches their concert merchandise. What is the correct response?

a. Say "I'm sorry" and nothing more

b. Assist in getting napkins to help clean the mess

c. Offer to buy a beer later during the concert after feeling guilty for not helping clean the mess

d. Do nothing at all, it is a hazard of attending stadium concerts

e. Offer to replace the damaged merchandise 

Answer:  Apparently it is a combination of "a" and "c". 


Kenny Chesney Concert
Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL
April 20, 2024 at 4:42 PM
3. Chris and I went to the opening concert in Kenny Chesney's summer series Saturday. It was far more than we expected with almost 6 hours of music from four performers/bands. We were exhausted as we left the stadium just about 11 PM. We entered when the gates opened at 4 PM and the music began at 5 PM. It was our first ever stadium concert. 

4. I hope I never get tired of blue skies and almost perfect weather.

5. Protect the planet. We all must do our parts to help the Earth survive the onslaught of humans. As we strip resources and fill the atmosphere and oceans with pollutants and excess heat, we are changing the planet and potentially making it uninhabitable. Go Green!

6. Today in History. Earth Day, an event to increase public awareness of the world’s environmental problems, is celebrated in the United States for the first time on April 22, 1970. Millions of Americans, including students from thousands of colleges and universities, participated in rallies, marches and educational programs across the country. 

Earth Day was the brainchild of Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, a staunch environmentalist who hoped to provide unity to the grassroots environmental movement and increase ecological awareness. “The objective was to get a nationwide demonstration of concern for the environment so large that it would shake the political establishment out of its lethargy,” Senator Nelson said, “and, finally, force this issue permanently onto the national political agenda.”

Trump's reality as criminal defendant will become clear today - CNN

Israel Defense Forces intelligence chief resigns over Hamas attacks on October 7 - CNN

Documents found on North Korean server suggest US studios may have unknowingly outsourced animation work - CNN

Germany arrests three people suspected of giving technology to China - Reuters

Russia-Ukraine war: What difference will US aid package make? - Reuters

Russia says seizing its frozen assets would set dangerous precedent - Reuters

Nike Shifts Course as Innovation Stalls and Rivals Gain Ground - The Wall Street Journal

Finland Long Believed It Could Tame Russia. Now Moscow Is Enemy No. 1. - The Wall Street Journal

You Can’t Just Book Your Flight and Ignore the Bag Fees Anymore - The Wall Street Journal

The pandemic cost 7 million lives, but talks to prevent a repeat stall - The Washington Post

How Trump has become angrier and more isolated on Truth Social - The Washington Post

Bird Flu Is Infecting More Mammals. What Does That Mean for People? - The New York Times

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Monday, April 15, 2024

Monday Musings - April 15, 2024

1. Happy Tax Day! I hope your taxes are complete and you have either received a refund or made your payment. Whew, that's over for another year.

AL East Standings as of Games Through April 14, 2024

2. It is the 3rd Monday of April, if you can believe it! There are 37 Mondays remaining in the year. Get busy with your summer plans!

3.  The Orioles are alive. I have to admit that they are not playing the best baseball yes and 7 of their 9 wins have been come-from-behind victories. It is time to get the pitchers under control and the batters swinging the wood. The Orioles were outscores 26-12 in their last series, but managed a hard fought 6-4 win yesterday as Jackson Holiday recorded his first hit in a MLB game. He has an .067 batting average right now--but I expect him to have some solid numbers soon.

4. Which is worse? Someone accidentally speeding up to 52 mph in a 30 mph zone on a street with no traffic or someone at 90 mph in a 65 mph zone on a crowded 8-lane interstate weaving through traffic? 

5. From the I can't believe it category. 

Today, [Sunday April 14, 2024] on ABC’s This Week, host George Stephanopoulos asked New Hampshire governor Chris Sununu about his recent switch from supporting former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley for the Republican presidential nomination to supporting former president Trump. 

“Just to sum up,” Stephanopoulos said, “You support [Trump] for president even if he's convicted in [the] classified documents [case]. You support him for president even though you believe he contributed to an insurrection. You support him for president even though you believe he's lying about the last election. You support him for president even if he's convicted in the Manhattan case. I just want to say, the answer to that is yes, correct?”

Sununu answered: “Yeah. Me and 51% of America.”  (Letters from an American)

Today in HistoryOn April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson, age 28, becomes the first African American player in Major League Baseball's modern era when he steps onto Ebbets Field in Brooklyn to compete for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robinson broke the color barrier in a sport that had been segregated for more than 50 years. Exactly 50 years later, on April 15, 1997, Robinson’s groundbreaking career was honored and his uniform number, 42, was retired from Major League Baseball by Commissioner Bud Selig in a ceremony attended by over 50,000 fans at New York City’s Shea Stadium. Robinson’s was the first-ever number retired by all teams in the league.

Trump shatters another norm with historic criminal trial - CNN

Israel vows to ‘exact a price’ from Iran after an unprecedented large-scale attack - CNN

Today is Tax Day. The IRS expects ‘tens of millions’ of returns to be filed at the last minute - CNN

Oil slips as risk premium eases after Iran attack - Reuters

Floods grip Kazakhstan and Russia as tributaries of Ob rise - Reuters

China indicates man executed for spying had sold secrets to US - Reuters

How the U.S. Forged a Fragile Alliance to Fend Off Iran’s Attack on Israel - The Wall Street Journal

Hybrids Extend Lead Over EVs in Green Vehicle Race - The Wall Street Journal

2 Police Officers Are Killed in Shootout Near Syracuse - The New York Times

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL 

#mondaymusings #orioles #taxday 

Monday, April 8, 2024

Monday Musings - April 8, 2024.


1. The second Monday of April is upon us. Next Monday is Tax Day--have you fulfilled your annual obligation to the Federal Government? There are just 38 Mondays to deal with remaining in the year. 

Sunset from Sailor's Return Restaurant
Stuart, FL
April 7, 2024
2.  Chris returned safely from her travels yesterday afternoon. I didn't write about it earlier because the visit was a surprise for Jeremy who debuted as the lead singer in a band on Saturday night. I was sorry I couldn't be there, but getting Chris there was more important. She got to fly Spirit Airlines for the very first and, likely, last time.

3. We met friends at the Sailor's Return restaurant in Stuart, Florida, last evening. They were sailing through, literally, headed for the Catskills in New York. We had a most enjoyable evening and were treated to a spectacular sunset with the marina in the foreground. It has been a while since I have enjoyed a sunset like this one as usually I am facing East as the sun is setting. 

4. I have been training for my upcoming 150 mile assault on the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP). I am becoming very in tune to the noises of my bike. Hopefully, with the training the ride will be tough, but both enjoyable and doable. 

5. The Orioles are off to a positive start with a 5-4 record. They just dropped a series to the Pirates and hopefully will get back onto the winning track soon. They are currently 3rd in the AL East, 2.5 games out of first and behind the Yankees and the Red Sox.

6. Today in HistoryOn April 8, 1974, Hank Aaron of the Atlanta Braves hits his 715th career home run, breaking Babe Ruth’s legendary record of 714 homers. A crowd of 53,775 people, the largest in the history of Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, was with Aaron that night to cheer when he hit a 4th inning pitch off the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Al Downing. However, as Aaron was an African American who had received death threats and racist hate mail during his pursuit of one of baseball’s most distinguished records, the achievement was bittersweet.

Henry Louis Aaron Jr., born in Mobile, Alabama, on February 5, 1934, made his Major League debut in 1954 with the Milwaukee Braves, just seven years after Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier and became the first African American to play in the majors. Aaron, known as hard working and quiet, was the last Negro league player to also compete in the Major Leagues. In 1957, with characteristically little fanfare, Aaron, who primarily played right field, was named the National League’s Most Valuable Player as the Milwaukee Braves won the pennant. A few weeks later, his three home runs in the World Series helped his team triumph over the heavily favored New York Yankees. Although “Hammerin’ Hank” specialized in home runs, he was also an extremely dependable batter, and by the end of his career he held baseball’s career record for most runs batted in: 2,297.

Live Updates Footage of Khan Younis after Israeli troop withdrawal shows rubble and razed buildings - CNN

Researchers find clue to why cancer is on the rise in younger adults - CNN

Johnson confronts the most significant threat to his speakership to date - CNN

Doubts Creep In About a Fed Rate Cut This Year - The Wall Street Journal

A Fight Between Hamas and Other Palestinians for Power in Gaza Begins to Emerge - The Wall Street Journal

Major food companies offering deals, new sizes as low-income Americans spend less - Reuters

Spirit Airlines to delay Airbus aircraft deliveries to save cash - Reuters

Russia says Ukraine struck nuclear plant, Kyiv denies it was behind the attack - Reuters

Russia launches 24 attack drones, infrastructure hit, Ukraine says - Reuters

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Monday, April 1, 2024

Monday Musings - April 1, 2024


1. Welcome to 2CY2024. Today also is the first Monday of April meaning that there are 39 Mondays remaining in the year. 

2. Tax Day is 15 days away. I am doing my taxes today!

Found on Facebook
3. It has to be an abomination. I saw a commercial with the self-proclaimed smartest man in the world selling bibles with the Constitution in them. I found the image to the right in a friend's post (thanks Dave) on Facebook. It is so true. And yet, he has a new slogan--Make America Pray Again. Trust me, I am!

4. I hope you are enjoying your Easter Monday!

5. There is a news item below from Reuters about how buyers are not purchasing Tesla's because of Musk. That is true. I have been fascinated by the Tesla since it was introduced, but did not consider buying one when we recently purchased our EV because of Musk. People vote with their wallets and their feet!

6. Today in HistoryOn April 1, 1945, after suffering the loss of 116 planes and damage to three aircraft carriers, 50,000 U.S. combat troops, under the command of Lieutenant General Simon B. Buckner Jr., land on the southwest coast of the Japanese island of Okinawa, 350 miles south of Kyushu, the southern main island of Japan. Determined to seize Okinawa as a base of operations for the army ground and air forces for a later assault on mainland Japan, more than 1,300 ships converged on the island, finally putting ashore 50,000 combat troops.

Anti-Kremlin hackers avenge Navalny's death - CNN

Protesters take to the streets of Jerusalem calling for Netanyahu’s removal - CNN

At least 7 children, ages 12 to 17, were wounded in a shooting in downtown Indianapolis, police say - CNN

Would-be Tesla buyers snub company as Musk's reputation dips - Reuters

Exclusive: Iran alerted Russia to security threat before Moscow attack - Reuters

After bridge collapse, Maryland governor urges Congress to pass funding for rebuild - Reuters

The Newest Home-Buying Puzzle: What to Pay Your Real-Estate Agent - The Wall Street Journal

How Gen Z Is Becoming the Toolbelt Generation - The Wall Street Journal

Wait, does America suddenly have a record number of bees? - The Washington Post

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Monday, March 25, 2024

Monday Musings - March 25, 2024


1. This is the fourth and final Monday of March. The year is approaching 1/4 complete and there are just 40 Mondays remaining in the year. 

Paddleboard in the Garage
Tequesta, FL
March 24, 2024

2. We were going to try a paddleboard yesterday, but the weather changed. We were given two paddleboards, some inflation required, and were going to go with Luke to try one out on the intracoastal. Alas, by the time I got it inflated, a storm came through with rain and wind, we even had the beach bag and drink bag loaded in the truck. So the paddle board is inflated in the garage waiting to today! We only inflated one--my compressor is suited for a bike tire but not a large paddle board and so it took a long time to inflate.

3. Yesterday, I spent the morning driving to and from an airport and a cruise port. I started the morning, well before dawn, driving friends to Palm Beach International (PBI) so they could head to Maryland for Spring Break with their granddaughters. A few hours after returning from PBI, I drove to Port Everglades in Ft Lauderdale to deliver Jeremy and Julie for their cruise. I really enjoyed both trips and I am happy to help out because when Chris and I travel we almost never have to pay to leave a vehicle or for an  Uber/Lyft. 

4. I almost missed that yesterday was Palm Sunday and this is Holy Week culminating next Sunday with Easter.

5. It is Spring Break in the north. The Florida kids are back to school tomorrow. Enjoy the sun!

6. Today in HistoryFour years after the United States won its independence from Great Britain, 55 state delegates, including George Washington, James Madison and Benjamin Franklin, convene in Philadelphia to compose a new U.S. constitution on May 25, 1787.

The Articles of Confederation, ratified several months before the British surrender at Yorktown in 1781, provided for a loose confederation of U.S. states, which were sovereign in most of their affairs. On paper, Congress—the central authority—had the power to govern foreign affairs, conduct war, and regulate currency, but in practice these powers were sharply limited because Congress was given no authority to enforce its requests to the states for money or troops. By 1786, it was apparent that the Union would soon break up if the Articles of Confederation were not amended or replaced. Five states met in Annapolis, Maryland, to discuss the issue, and all the states were invited to send delegates to a new constitutional convention to be held in Philadelphia.

 Fire extinguished on Carnival Freedom cruise ship after witnesses reported possible lightning strike - CNN

FAA says future United projects ‘may be delayed’ due to increased oversight - CNN

Military draft bill creates rift in Israeli government - Reuters

Google, Apple breakups on the agenda as regulators target tech - Reuters

America's lithium laws fail to keep pace with rapid development - Reuters

Oil rises as heightened geopolitical risks exacerbate supply concerns - Reuters

Repeated Raids in Gaza Raise Prospect of Endless War - The Wall Street Journal

Weakened House GOP majority reckons with Johnson’s leadership - The Washington Post

What’s the best way to put on a duvet cover?  - The Washington Post

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Monday, March 18, 2024

Monday Musings - March 18, 2024


1. We survived another week! We are now at the third Monday of March! The remain 41 Mondays in the year. 

2. We enjoyed a wild St Patrick's Day celebration at the local, within walking distance, Irish restaurant. It was fun to see everyone wearing green and enjoying the Irish music. A good time was had by all. I have to admit, we were asleep by the time the party was scheduled to end at 10 PM.
Carola and Chris at the St Patricks Day Party
Tequesta, FL
March 17, 2024

3. I set a new personal record for a single session bike ride yesterday of 25.96 miles! It took over two hours, but it was extremely valuable for me to assess my level of readiness for the June planned three-day, 150 mile ride from Pittsburgh to Cumberland. I also realized that I need to consume more water during long rides and have purchased a camelback to assist with that endeavor. 

4. Today in History. On March 18, 1852, in New York City, Henry Wells and William G. Fargo join with several other investors to launch their namesake business, today one of the world's largest banks. 

The discovery of gold in California in 1849 prompted a huge spike in the demand for cross-country shipping. Wells and Fargo decided to take advantage of these great opportunities. In July 1852, their company shipped its first loads of freight from the East Coast to mining camps scattered around northern California. The company contracted with independent stagecoach companies to provide the fastest possible transportation and delivery of gold dust, important documents and other valuable freight. It also served as a bank—buying gold dust, selling paper bank drafts and providing loans to help fuel California’s growing economy.

Intense diplomacy as US-Israel relations take an extraordinary turn - CNN

Machete-wielding militias battle gangs in Port-au-Prince as Haiti’s elites vie for power - CNN

China's military, state media slam U.S. after Reuters report on SpaceX spy satellites - Reuters

Putin wins Russia election in landslide with no serious competition - Reuters

No one should 'go to jail for smoking weed,' says VP Harris - Reuters

China Turns On the Charm for Foreigners but Its Allure Has Faded - The Wall Street Journal

Pakistan Carries Out Airstrikes Inside Afghanistan - The Wall Street Journal

As Electric-Vehicle Shoppers Hesitate, Hybrid Sales Surge - The Wall Street Journal

Border security deadlock heightens risk of government shutdown - The Washington Post

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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