Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Government Adrift

I hate to do it--but I have an axe to grind this morning. With our elected representatives.

And the first is with Congress---yes our U.S. Congress which is so embattled with trying to salvage an ill-advised health care situation that the business of running the country is failing.

The second is with the Maryland legislature which has been bought off by the liquor lobby and is poised not to act on wine shipping bills which are supported by the people of the State of Maryland and over half the delegates and senators in the state.

Bottom line: Our governments are out of touch with the electorate.

Most of the the people I know do not want "big" government health care and frankly are scared by it. What program has the government ever run well?

And most of the people in Maryland want to be able to ship wine to their houses off the Internet and to become members of wine clubs. We can ship guns, but we can't ship wine? Go figure. And it is the liquor lobby that is standing in the way promoting Abolitionist Era laws that are out of touch with reality.

For Congress--the representatives and senators are walking a very fine line of legality as compared with the Constitution of the United States. A bill may actually be enacted which has not been ratified by both houses of Congress. All through slight of hand! The Director of the Stanford Law School's Constitutional Law Center quoted in this morning's Washington post said "I feel pretty confident it is unconstitutional. What a court would do about it is a murkier problem."

These are exciting times. And frustrating times. At one level of government, they are not acting on legislation that the people want and at the other, they are enacting legislation that few people want!

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