Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Dog is an Awesome Dog

What a greeting.

As Chris and I stumbled through the door about 1AM Monday morning after being gone all weekend, our dog, Makayla, provided us with a greeting that was as enthusiastic as any I have ever had.

It was clear that she was happy that we had returned. And it warmed my heart that she was so expressive.

I always feel bad when we are away for an extended time and cannot take her with us. She likes to be with us and to travel with us. As I put my coat on to go out the door on any given day, she is there waiting for me to say the magical word: "roadtrip" which she knows means she is going with us.

I would love to take her with us everywhere--but that is not practical, unfortunately.

She is definitely my best buddy--especially when Chris is out and I am alone at home.
And her greeting reinforced to me that she sees me as her best buddy, too.

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