Saturday, March 20, 2010

How Can You Tell it is Spring?

We had a growing pile of limbs and tree related refuse sitting off the yard in the woods. We were going to rent a chipper last year to get rid of it. But with the rain and the summer we never quite got to it.

Well in penance for that travesty I have been sitting in a huge line of vehicles for the last 30 minutes waiting to access the landfill to drop the stuff off. The first of probably two runs that will be required. My truck is full to overloaded.

My trusty dog is at my side and she keeps looking at me wondering why we are not going anywhere.

It appears everyone in Howard County has the same idea. And so we are all idling here and getting frustrated about not getting anything done.

The vehicles are all loaded full with broken trees and limbs which will be recycled into mulch.

But right now we are trapped in a line more suited for leaving a parking lot after a sporting event.

Without the thrill of victory. Just the waiting for my turn.

Bob Doan
Elkridge, MD
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