Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Sunlight in my Eyes

I had to put my sun glasses on for the ride into work yesterday.

It was awesome. Forty-some degrees, clear blue sky and sun! Yeah. It is rare when I get to drive to work in daylight and enjoy seeing the world as it comes to life.

I have always enjoyed the dawn--and watching the world shake off the slumber from the night and come to life in the light of the sun.

We have had a lot of dark and rainy/snowy days lately and according to the weather forecasters there are more on the way. So I really appreciate the opportunity to drive to work with the sun in my eyes and a blue sky above me.

It is too bad that it all goes away next week as we shift into daylight savings time. I will return to driving to work in the dark. I'm not sure having more daylight in the evening is a good trade off. I can enjoy the added sunlight in the morning just as much as in the evening.

Perhaps we should encourage people to get up earlier rather than to stay up later! The amount of usable sunlight will be the same per day regardless of DST--of course the actual amount of sunlight varies from day-to-day anyway and actually peaks in late June at the summer solstice.

Oh well--the government knows best, right?

Walk outside and turn your face to the sun and feel the warm rays on your face. It will make you feel better all over.


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