Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Health Care for Whom? A Rant so Look Out!

Well they have done it--and many of them are happy. Our elected representatives.

The United States has continued down the slippery slope to becoming a state where individual initiative is discouraged and people are encouraged to depend upon the state for their well being and sustinence.

It is really demoralizing.

Here is what one of my readers wrote yesterday after my Monday Musing:

"I agree with your view on the health care bill. How come those of us who have worked hard and are some what successful are now asking ourselves why? Furthermore what do I say to my children and grandchildren? We have inspired our children to become the best they can and want to succeed. However, when I see what is happening should I be doing this? And why, does our administration continue to put other items in their bills to be passed? For instance in this health care bill, there was a measure involving student aid programs! Why? This should be a totally different bill! Correct? How can you vote for one and dismiss the other? Why is it that again, by passing this bill we who are somewhat successful, again, will be losing money! Government control of student aid. Sure it helps the Pell Grant system, but what about those people who have to turn to private loans (government back) like the Parent Plus Loan, to pay for our children to get an education, because we do not qualify for anything else!!!! Guess I need to save more - So what I am hearing is that the government wants total control, and you are not allow to make more then average, because if you do you will be punished!
I will still inspired my children and grandchildren to be the best they can be - maybe there is more to it then just making a successful living? "

Our society is rewarding those who do not desire to achieve. It is failing to recognize that it takes hard work to be successful and that the reward for hard work and risk taking is becoming more taxes and more burden--a disproportionately more burden.

I admit that I hate it every tax season when I discover that I am unable to deduct student loan interest and tuition.

Why are deductions based upon income. Taxes already increase for higher incomes--and removing deductions is an insidious way to further increase the overall tax bite when compared to other Americans. While hiding it.

And now--much like the centrist movement in the schools which seeks to cause kids not to want to achieve because they are different, the incentives to take risk and to succeed are being removed by a government, that while it is supposed to be "We the people," is rapidly becoming "We the disadvantaged."

and so that is my rant for today!

My health care is not going to improve, but my tax burden for paying for everyone else will definitely increase.

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