Tuesday, March 9, 2010

As the Weeks Roll By

The pace of life seemingly has quickened. Both at work and at home. It seems that the days already are growing too short to accommodate all of the actions and tasks that need to be done. And summer isn't even here yet.


When last we left the bright sunny day--the grasses had been cut in anticipation of the new growth of springtime and the yard was not yet green to its full up color after having been in slumber under the snow for the past two months.

But it is there--I am sure of it. And when it comes along--we will be ready. I usually do my first lawn mowing during March and I am sure that this month will be no different from those past--just the cutting may be a bit delayed.

I smile a bit when I look at the outdoor propane heater (in the picture). Its top is tilted as a result of the weight of the snow. More repair work.

But yesterday, I almost put to top down on Cat for the drive home from work. The temperature was showing 61 degrees on the thermometer, what was I waiting for? 70?

Springtime is a celebration--of life and of rebirth. It is also the time we clean up the mess left behind by the winter and correspondingly the messes in our lives that we made during the dark season. We can be reborn with the new season and revitalize our activity. I'm all for that.

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