Thursday, March 18, 2010

For the Love of My Dog--Keeping Life in Perspective

I had a really humorous thought this morning as I was walking Makayla in the darkness which is now upon me as a result of Daylight Savings Time.

There I was--as my beloved keeshond Makayla was happily running up the drive to my neighbors yard to do her morning bowel movement (a/k/a poop).

I just know she waits all morning for this moment--as I eat and get ready for work. She knows that the last thing I do is take her out for this quick walk--and she is always quick. I usually pick-up my newspaper at the same time--but the paper person has been very unreliable lately--so no paper at the end of the drive.

Makalya runs into the neighbors lawn and squats--as she does every morning--only it was really dark. I was looking intently at the spot on the ground as I opened the doggie poop bag in preparation to clean the spot. As she moved away I realized that the only way I was going to be able to find the poop was by its warmth. Yuck!

And so I did--my hand went down pretty close to the spot, but nonetheless, I was reduced to finding and removing her poop not by sight or smell--but by the feel of the warmth.

We used to have a small flashlight on the end of the leash--but it broke some time ago. And with all of the snow--it was relatively easy to find the dark poop on the white snow--so the flashlight wasn't replaced. And even after the snow melted, the dawn was close enough at 6:15am that the light in the sky was enough to identify the spot of the foul.

But not now! And especially when she goes in a location where the spotlight on the neighbor's house does not reach.

I am reduced to finding and retrieving my dog's poop by feel.

And I laughed at the humor of it all. Here I am humbled by cleaning up Makayla's poop just before climbing into my car and motoring away, dressed in my sport coat and power tie ready to for work.

Just keeping it all in perspective!

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