Sunday, March 7, 2010

First Signs of Spring

Well--Saturday was one of those days we wait all winter for--we saw that Springtime is coming. We saw the first signs of Springtime flowers in the yard right next to the piles of snow.

We made three trips to the dump to get rid of trees that were damaged by the storms. Then we got the grasses around the pool cut back for springtime as well.

Actual yard work--even though there is still snow on the ground.

It was awesome even though a bit cold.

We lost three trees as a result of the heavy snow and high winds--so starting up the chain saw was exciting. It worked--but I had a real problem getting the chain tension right probably because of the cold. The saw made quick work of the trees and it took three trips to take them to the dump--actually the recycling part of the dump to rid ourselves of them.

But the highlight of the day was finding that underneath the mounds of snow--Springtime was alive and well.

We did spread some of the snow around to help it melt faster--but there is still a six foot high pile near the middle of the driveway.

All in all--we'll call this the first day of Spring! Just because we can.

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