Friday, March 5, 2010

Grandfather - Other Duties as Assigned

I took yesterday off from work to spend the day with Lucas. Yes, I was the babysitter.

It was a very different day from most that I enjoy. It started off as a normal Thursday on the racquetball court at 0530 playing three very uninspiring games and being totally dominated by the guy I was playing.

Then a quick stop at home for breakfast and off to spend the day with the youngest grandson.

I have to admit--I have not spent much alone time with Lucas as he is usually surrounded by a myriad of doting people. I had held him a couple of times--but surrendered him up when others around me had that "I need to hold the baby" look in their eyes. So I was looking forward to some one-on-one time with Lucas.

He did not disappoint. He is a real snuggle down and sleep kind of guy--which I like. The day revolved around a cycle consisting of diaper change, feed, burp, check out the world for a bit and then sleep; which we repeated three times.

I admit, I do enjoy napping with a baby cradled in my arm or on my chest on the sofa. I think that's why as we get older we like lap dogs--to try to recreate the warmth and memory of holding a peacefully sleeping child. So for me it was a pretty quiet restful day.

I did discover something important though--there is nothing of value on daytime TV. I would up watching old news on the NHL channel and ESPN Sportscenter most of the day until the baseball Spring training games began at 1PM. But the only game on was the Mets and Cardinals. But--it was baseball and the game ended with a football score of 17-11 Mets. I did get to see some plays happen that I remember coaching my Little League teams how to avoid many years ago. I especialyl liked the two-out pop-up that fell between the first baseman and catcher that wound up as a two-run single instead of an inning ending out.

I'm going back later today for day two on the Lucas front and I have to say I'm looking forward to it. Especially since I know more about what I'm going to be facing. And of course--the afternoon nap with Lucas will be the highlight!

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