Thursday, February 29, 2024


 Happy Leap Day!

It is that day which appears once every four years and seems to cause nothing but trouble. OK, I don't know about the trouble part. 

I am in Texas to visit my Dad and to celebrate the Leap Year birthday of my brother-in-law. It seemed a good time to be here and it seems that my family who reside in the frozen areas of New York are also going to be here for the same reasons! So we will be enjoying a family reunion! 

Well, we needed to do something different for mid-Winter! Although, Spring is officially just 19 days away occurring on March 19th at 11:06 PM EDT. And the way things are headed, Punxsutawney Phil may have been correct with his prediction of an early Spring.

Although 2024 is only 2 months old, it sure seems like we are on a rocket sled heading from one month to another. 

Enjoy the day as it will not return for four-more years. That almost sounds like a campaign slogan!

Ugh, campaigns! 

-- Bob Doan, Weston Lakes, TX

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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Two Paths to the World


Path off Beach Road
Jupiter Island, FL
February 24, 2024
Yesterday was a travel day. I am looking at a few travel days during the next two weeks as Chris and I visit family in Weston Lakes, near Houston, and then, after a brief stop back in Tequesta head off to Maryland. 
Leading to The Concourse
Houston Hobby Airport, TX
February 27, 2024

But it was yesterday as we were leaving Hobby Airport that I turned around and snapped an image of the main hallway leading to the concourse. It reminded me of a path that I had seen during our last bike ride along Beach Road.

And so I thought about the two paths. One leading to concourses which provide a means to access the sky to travel the world and the other leading to the beach and the ocean which also allows access to the world. So very different, yet similar.

I much prefer the beach path lined with grape mangroves on either side of it to the cold and lifeless windows of the airport. 

But as travel days go, it was a great day. The Southwest flight departed the gate on-time, arrived 20 minutes early and was able to pull right into a gate at our destination. That does not happen often. There is nothing worse than arriving early and waiting on the tarmac for a gate to open. Well, maybe pulling away from the gate and waiting an hour to take-off is worse because the flight really hasn't even gotten underway and the passengers are trapped inside the plane. 

-- Bob Doan, Weston Lakes, TX

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Competitive Dog Pooping

 It is amazing, but sometimes the simple things in life can become the funniest. Take for example a dog pooping. Now, Everybody Poops, there is a children's book about that. 

Finn Pooping
Tequesta, FL
February 26 ,2024
Finnegan has taken the act of pooping to a new level, one worthy of a competition complete with required moves and style points. When Finn prepares to poop, first he has to find just the right spot and then comes the act of pooping where he balances on his front paws with his back paws off the ground. Once he is done, there is the obligatory territory marking which often throws grass into my eyes as I stoop to pick up the poop. I have to admit, I have never seen a dog do that before. 

Finn is a true artist when it comes to pooping. 

I put together a short, about 1 minute, video of the process putting together three events just to illustrate the artistry of his complicated pooping process. 

In terms of a competition with points, I gave him a 10 for style and points for the required movements as follows:

Search - 8

Poop - 9

Mark site - 10

It is OK to laugh, I do. And yes, I also feel sorry for him.

Oh yes, and finally, size does not matter as Chris and I always pick-up his poop and dispose of it in an appropriate receptacle.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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Monday, February 26, 2024

Monday Musings - February 26, 2024


1. This is the final Monday of February 2024. It is also the ninth Monday of the year leaving 44 Mondays!

2. Major League Baseball is back! Spring Training is in full swing and the Orioles played two games over the weekend. It was good to see them back on the field. While people will say that Spring Training records do not matter, they do. It is nice to see the team return to the field every bit as scrappy as they were last season in posting two wins. 

3. The past few days have been very enjoyable here in South Florida with temperatures in the 70s, mild winds, and beautiful clear blue skies. Wow. Last evening we sat in our driveway enjoying the bright, warm sun and some neighbors showed up and we had a great Happy hour together. We eventually moved to the patio to escape the heat of the sun. 

4. The reluctance of House Republicans to support Ukraine has global implications. Putin is trying to tear up the rules-based international order that has protected international boundaries since World War II, while Trump has threatened to destroy the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that holds back Russian aggression. In the Wall Street Journal on Friday, chief foreign affairs correspondent Yaroslav Trofimov noted that European countries are worried that the U.S. will not defend its allies, while Putin has made “a de facto military alliance with the rogue regimes of North Korea and Iran while growing closer and closer to authoritarian China.” (Letters from an American)

5. The First Amendment [of the Constitution of the United States] prohibits the establishment of a national religion, and that same prohibition applies to the states through the 14th Amendment. What’s heartbreaking in Alabama this week is its Supreme Court Justices’ decision to abandon the Constitution and laws they took an oath to serve, in favor of advancing a religious agenda. (Civil Discourse)

6. Today in History. February 26, 1993. At 12:18 p.m., a terrorist bomb explodes in a parking garage of the World Trade Center in New York City, leaving a massive, multi-story crater and causing the collapse of several steel-reinforced concrete floors in the vicinity of the blast. 

Although the terrorist bomb failed to critically damage the main structure of the skyscrapers, six people were killed and more than 1,000 were injured. The World Trade Center itself suffered more than $500 million in damage. After the attack, authorities evacuated 50,000 people from the buildings, hundreds of whom were suffering from smoke inhalation. The evacuation lasted the whole afternoon.

Zelensky: 'It's unbelievable' that Trump is on Putin's side - CNN

Trump’s plan to use Judge Cannon to block Judge Chutkan and avoid trial - CNN

There are five days until a partial government shutdown, and lawmakers have yet to reach a deal to avert it   - CNN

Palestinian Prime Minister Shtayyeh resigns - Reuters

Navalny was close to being freed in prisoner swap, says ally - Reuters

Exclusive: Satellite images reveal floating barrier at mouth of disputed atoll in South China Sea - Reuters

How AI Is Transforming Air-Traffic-Control Towers - The Wall Street Journal

AT&T to Reimburse Customers Struck by Outage - The Wall Street Journal

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Friday Night Happy Hour Week 2

Tiki 52 on a Friday Evening
Tequesta, FL
February 23, 2024

 Although we were unaccompanied, Chris and I celebrated Friday Night Happy Hour for the second straight week by heading out to one of our new favorite watering holes, Tiki 52 Bar & Grill, where we enjoyed the setting sun and life by the water. 

Tiki 52 is not far from our house and we could bike it easily--but biking along US 1 on a Friday evening can be, well in a word, dangerous!

Pelican at Tiki 52
Tequesta, FL
February 23, 2024
Friday evening the colors of the sky, water, and Tiki 52 combined to make a very busy palette. I found it appealing to the eye. Unlike the last time we visited, we did not get to see any large fish be off-loaded from a returning fishing boat, but as evening was drawing near many boats were returning and it was fun to watch them arrive at the nearby marina.

We arrived before the crowds and before the live music. That meant we had relative calm and were able to enjoy  good table service and the Happy Hour pricing. By the time we departed, the parking lot was jammed and people were waiting for tables. It was a beautiful evening, for a change. Relatively warm and the winds were light. 

February in South Florida is the best!

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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Saturday, February 24, 2024

The Sofa Story, Continued and Maybe Concluded

The Sofa
Tequesta, FL
February 19,2024
This is a follow-up to the blog from a couple days ago And So It Begins . . .  

In that blog I wrote about our just over one-year sofa, two-months out of warranty upon which which the fabric was failing and my efforts to work with La-Z-Boy to provide some relief.

Amazingly, the saga of the poor wearing fabric on the La-Z-Boy sofa has been apparently resolved. 


I will not consider the issue closed until the new sofa is received in 6-8 weeks and the old one hauled away, but our replacement sofa is on order and the only cost to me was $171 and that was because we upgraded the fabric over our original purchase.

We managed to get all of the discounts that we originally received--the President's Day Sale really helped with that one as did my Military Discount. And we also retained our free delivery! 

I had provided the adjuster with 23 images and it was agreed that the fabric was defective. The following day adjuster sent credit information to the store where we originally purchased the sofa and later that same day Chris and I picked out an upgraded fabric to have another sofa in the same style prepared as a replacement. 

It was a relatively smooth process, well, except that it was pretty clear that this does not happen often and there was a lot of checking to see how to actually get the order into the system. 

All-in-all, we are so far very satisfied with the process.

Wow! I really did not expect to be writing that. 

I guess it really is true--you cannot get a yes unless you ask the question!

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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Friday, February 23, 2024

Worst Tourist Traps in America

 Moneywise has compiled the 30 worst tourist traps in America. 

Atop the Space Needle
Seattle, WA
August 26, 2023
I was appalled. I have managed to visit 15 of these places and some of them more than once. 


Now I have to admit, I did not think the Space Needle was a tourist trap nor the Alamo or Times Square. It is really interesting the places that have made the list--like Mount Rushmore, a place that I have yet to visit. 

Sunset from the Empire State Building
New York City, NY
September 25, 2021
The list is presents an interesting collection of places. Yes, they may be tourist traps--but really, some of them are historically significant. I do think the Empire State Building is overpriced for the value--but, at sunset when I was last there it was pretty nice.

Now, I will admit places that I have had the misfortune to visit places on the list that are actual tourist traps or not worth the time, for example South of the Border. Yes, we stayed a night there--once, about 20 years ago. Also, Plymouth Rock is just that--a rock! And it is not even in the place where they came ashore. I admit, I was underwhelmed when I saw the rock. 

I recommend taking a look at the list. It is a classic-advertisement filled list and is cumbersome to navigate, but just for fun figuring out how many places on the list I actually visited was an interesting exercise. 


-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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Thursday, February 22, 2024

A Martyr?

 I heard a statement that really disturbed me yesterday on the news program that I was watching.

“I got indicted four times ... all because of the fact that I’m in politics,” Trump said. “They indicted me on things that are so ridiculous.”

“It is a form of Navalny,” Trump said. “It is a form of communism, of fascism.” (AP News)


So Trump thinks he is a martyr?

And he thinks the charges are ridiculous. Such are the insights into the mind of a dangerous authoritarian egomaniac. He got off light on the charges because in my mind he should be charged with treason, espionage, inciting an insurrection, and an accessory to murder.

And he continues to disparage the legal system of the U.S. and the rule of law for holding him accountable for his transgressions. 

His continued assertions that he is being prosecuted only because he is a political candidate, while it plays well with his base, are just not true. If he were not a political candidate he would be in jail pending trial on his classified document charges. Period. But because he is a candidate he is allowed to turn our legal justice system onto the theater of the macabre and a continual political rally. 

Why does Trump want immunity from his actions? Because he idolizes leaders like Putin who can have rivals eliminated without consequences.

Be afraid--be very afraid! Our country is founded upon the principle that no one is above the law! It has worked since the republic was founded. It is sad that somehow a man got elected as president who does not believe in these fundamental principles upon which this nation was founded as stated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Trump misleads hardworking people into believing that he is working for them, when in reality he is only working for himself. His Go Fund Me page is but another example of not taking responsibility for his own decisions and trying to get working Americans to pay for his transgressions. 

That so many are misled by what he says and do not look deeper into what he has done is truly disturbing. 

And now a martyr? 

Trump is not now and never will be a martyr for any cause other than himself.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

And so it begins . . .

Our Sofa
Tequesta, FL
February 20, 2024

 Chris and I bought a sofa from La-Z-Boy which was delivered during December 2022. 

We are not happy with it. The fabric is not wearing up as it should. Mind you, there are only two of us, no kids and only a small 6 pound dog. 

Fabric Wear on Sofa
This is the second sofa we purchased from La-Z-Boy which has failed to meet wear expectations. The last one was about 20 years ago and we were totally dissed by the company when we tried to get some satisfaction. One of the representatives even went so far as to say, "you actually sat on the sofa?"

Well, they have not yet said that to us, but we found out that we are two months out of the fabric warranty. Yay! But, I persisted and a representative of the company is looking into what they can do for us. I sent them 23 images yesterday--including the two above. Some of the poor wear is visible on the footrest on the right of the top image. Most of the real problem is in the fabric wear. The sofa looks as if it is already 5 years old! That is not pilling, which is a normal part of fabric aging , I am told.

Very disappointing.

Well, we will see what La-Z-Boy will do for us.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Sunny, Cold and Springtime

Springtime is arriving in South Florida. 

Mango Tree in Bloom behind the Palm
Turtle Creek, Tequesta, FL
February 14, 2024
No, I can't say that Spring is springing because the snow has melted or the daffodils are popping up in gardens throughout the area--that just isn't happening. I don't expect to see daffodils, except in pots until Chris and I return to Maryland in early March. 

But, what is happening is that the trees are leafing--yes, while the trees do not all lose their leaves, the live oaks do shed many of their leaves and there are other trees that actually go dormant for a time. The leafs are getting thicker! There is more shade on the ground. 

What really brought home the idea of a South Florida springtime was when I saw the mango trees in bloom during my bike rides last week. And mangos are everywhere, it seems. 

Mangos are fun and they are a nuisance. They are fun because they are good to eat and they are fairly ubiquitous. They are a nuisance because people do not pick them up off the sidewalks and roadways and they become a hazard to walkers and bikers. 

But, I have discovered how to actually identify the arrival of Spring here in South Florida. Now if the temperature would crawl back up into the high 70s it would be ideal. The 49 degrees I am looking at right now is just cold! Too cold for a bike ride even though the sky is blue and the sun is warm.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Monday, February 19, 2024

Monday Musings - February 19, 2024


Happy Presidents' Day! 

1. And we are past the halfway mark of February. This is the third Monday of February and the end is in sight. There are 45 Mondays remaining in 2024. 

2. Yesterday was a weird Sunday, trapped in the house by the rain with neither football nor baseball to watch. 

Wilson at Carlin Park
Jupiter, FL
February 12, 2024
3. I know where everyone ventured to yesterday because of the rain: The Gardens Mall! The place was more crowded than at Christmas, I know because Chris and I, like many others, went to the mall to get out of the house. We walked around and shopped, but amazingly went home with nothing new. 

4. We found what appeared to be Wilson from the movie Cast Away the other day. He/it was at Carlin Park. He/it was just sitting there on the beach. I wonder where the tides have taken him/it? I admit, he/it did not look to much worse for the wear. 

5. Pop quiz. Which country is the world's biggest oil producer providing 21 percent of the world's total oil production? 

Answer:Oh wait, that would be the U.S. and we as a producer exceed the next largest producer of oil by 9 percent. See the chart.

6. Today in HistoryOn February 19, 1847, the first rescuers reach surviving members of the Donner Party, a group of California-bound emigrants stranded by snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

In the summer of 1846, in the midst of a Western-bound fever sweeping the United States, 89 people—including 31 members of the Donner and Reed families—set out in a wagon train from Springfield, Illinois. After arriving at Fort Bridger, Wyoming, the emigrants decided to avoid the usual route and try a new trail recently blazed by California promoter Lansford Hastings, the so-called “Hastings Cutoff.” After electing George Donner as their captain, the party departed Fort Bridger in mid-July. 

The Kremlin has never been richer, thanks to a US partner - CNN

 US conducts strikes against Houthi underwater vessel for the first time since Red Sea attacks began - CNN

China’s homegrown passenger jet makes international debut - CNN

Rafah attack: How Israel plans to hit Hamas and scale back war - Reuters

Russia takes full control of Avdiivka coke plant, defence ministry says - Reuters

Oil slips on demand jitters and profit-taking - Reuters

America’s Oil Power Might Be Near Its Peak - The Wall Street Journal

In Russia’s Far-Flung Cities, Navalny Inspired Average People to Challenge Putin - The Wall Street Journal

Neofascism in the United States takes the form of big money, big banks, big corporations, tied to xenophobic scapegoating of the vulnerable, like Mexicans and Muslims and women and black folk, and militaristic policies abroad, with strongman, charismatic, autocratic personality, and that's what Donald Trump is.

Cornel West

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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Sunday, February 18, 2024

Jupiter Seafood Festival 2024

Jupiter Seafood Festival 2024
Carlin Park, Jupiter, FL
February 17, 2024

 Yesterday dawned beautiful. Chris and I decided that it was a great day to head to the 2024 offering of the Jupiter Seafood Festival

It is a classic Jupiter, Florida, event. Last year with the temperature approaching 90 degrees the fest was a bit unbearable, but this year with moderate temperatures reaching into the upper 70s it was a great and enjoyable event. 

Boat Looking
Jupiter Seafood Festival 2024
February 17, 2024
Chris and I headed out early, just after the festival opened, to enjoy the activities and the music before the crowds arrived. We felt that many others, like us, had read the weather report and knew that rain and poor weather would arrive during the afternoon.

Now, I ask, what is the most fun thing to do at a seafood festival? You might say eat, but in truth it is look at the boats. Now, I was amazed. I could buy a nice new boat with trailer and motor for less than a nicely equipped pick-up truck! Think about it! But wait, then I need a place to store it, pay the insurance, and maintain it. Wow! It makes my Freedom Boat Club membership look pretty good. I already have a vehicle capable of towing a fully loaded boat, so that did not factor into the equation.

We stopped to listen to some music and shopped at the merchants before heading back home for the rest of the day. 

And later, as forecasted, the rains came and this morning it is more like a monsoon. I'm thinking that day 2 of the festival will be a washout. Sadly. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Exclamation Point on the Week


Reflection of the Sunset
Carlin Park Beach, Jupiter, FL
February 16, 2024

It was Friday night! 

And in memory of all of the Friday evening happy hours we have spent with friends, we gathered, with friends, on the beach to be entertained by the surfers and watch the daylight fade. 

Bundled up on the Beach
Carlin Park Beach, Jupiter, FL
February 16, 2024

It was breezy and cool. But we managed to enjoy some adult beverages and food along with spirited conversation. As can be seen, we were bundled up sitting there on the beach, but I was amazed at the number of surfers who were out in the water braving the elements to get a one more ride on a wave.

The kite surfers were also out in force. There is a kite in the image of us sitting on the beach. The surfer had just come to shore and was calling it a day. 

Evening Surfer
Carlin Park Beach, Jupiter, FL
February 16, 2024
I remember when Happy Hour was the exclamation point on the week. Since I've retired, however, that is not as true as it once was. It is still nice to enjoy a week ending happy hour with friends, however.

And now, without further ado, on to the weekend!

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Friday, February 16, 2024

Along the Intracoastal (ICW)

Honey Fitz former Presidential Yacht
Jupiter, FL
February 13, 2024

 During our boat trip on Tuesday, we spied many interesting things along the ICW on our way south to Jupiter and return. 

One of them was the Honey Fitz, the former Presidential Yacht. It had moved from its previous location in Tequesta into the Jupiter inlet and was docked outside of the Pelican Club. The Pelican Club is where President Biden had his fundraising lunch about two weeks ago. Because the location was not published in advance and we could not gather outside the club to see and wish him well. 

Sea Bean coming out of the Barn
Port Salerno, FL
February 13, 2024
During our journey, Chris and I were able to point out many of the important sights along the way. The Jupiter Lighthouse, of course, was one. But we also traversed the US-1 bridge construction area which is a bit congested.


Beach Road Drawbridge
Jupiter, FL
February 13, 2024
They were able to see how a boat comes out of the barn at the marina and is set in the water and prepared for us. I just think it is so cool to see my boat being transported to the water and readied. 

We were also able to show them the drawbridges along the way. During our trip we passed under three drawbridges, one of them actually was opening as we transited. Of course the US-1 bridge construction will be the fourth drawbridge once it is completed. We also showed them the rail drawbridge along side of Alternate A1A. 

It was not just a lunch cruise. And with the manatee and dolphin sightings along with numerous ospreys, there was plenty of wildlife observed as well. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Abrupt End for the Stairs


Seaglass Condos
Jupiter Island, FL
February 12, 2024

It seems that even in buildings where the starting price for condos is about $6M, there can be interesting construction issues. 

Take, for instance, these stairs. The building is supposed to have beach access. And it sorta does, except they ended the stairs about 5 feet above the beach and then had to close the access. There are two sets of stairs from the building to the beach, and both are like this. 

It is an abrupt ending. 

Blowing Rocks
Jupiter Island, FL
January 2, 2022
Now, I know what happened. When the stairs were being constructed there was actually sand at the base of the stairs. But, since then the ocean has reclaimed the beach sand and the stairs no longer reach the beach. Clearly the contractor building the stairs was not familiar with beach conditions. The stars need to be build down into the sand to account for beach erosion.

The bigger problem is that the people living in the building do not have easy beach access right now. And the building is strategically positioned right near Blowing Rocks--which is beautiful. 

Note to self: Mind the Step!

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Going to Lunch on the Water

Sue in the Bow
Intracoastal Waterway, Stuart, FL
February 13, 2024

 Yesterday was a more normal South Florida February day. Fortunately, I had reserved a boat and the plan for the day was to motor on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) from Port Salerno south through to Jupiter, passing under three drawbridges, and have lunch the Dive Bar in Jupiter. The idea was to show off South Florida's ICW to visitors from Maryland. 

It was a good plan, well mostly. I did not factor the time required to motor all the way to Jupiter, given that about half the trip is at low speed with minimum wake which in Sea Bean is about 6 mph. I had hoped to get in some beach time on the way back, but we had to have the boat back at 3:30 PM and we pulled into the dock precisely at 3:15, which was the time I was aiming for when we departed the restaurant in Jupiter. So, there was no beach time, sadly. 

Sea Bean Tied Up
Dive Bar, Jupiter, FL
February 13, 2024
The a five hour roundtrip was my longest boating outing.

We departed the dock with five persons and one dog. Fortunately we returned with the same compliment. 

Along the way we spied a dolphin feeding in the shallows of the ICW and as we approached the Jupiter inlet we saw 10 manatees. That was very exciting. Unfortunately, there was not a picture that could be taken. On the return trip we saw an additional 2 or 3 manatees. I had to be very careful around the manatees and both avoided them and traveled very slowly. 

Bringing the boat into a relatively narrow channel with other traffic and tying up at an unfamiliar dock was a new experience.

Yesterday was one of the best weather days we have had in a few weeks and we were lucky to be out on the water enjoying the sun and relative warmth. 

It was another great day and Sea Bean was a perfect vessel.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

#freedomboatclubsouthfl #boating #intracoastalwaterway

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

What Did You Do on Super Bowl Sunday?

Carlin Park, Jupiter, FL
February 11, 2024

 What an interesting question to ask? 

I had a great Super Bowl Sunday. We hosted friends for the big game in the evening, but during the day . . . 

During the day we headed off to the beach for some sun, wind, cool air, sand, rough surf, and local birds! There is always sand!

Chris and I along with two friends enjoyed a couple hours on the beach staring at the rough waves crashing on the beach and the crazy surfers who were trying to conquer them. 

There were only a few surfers and they quickly decided that the waves were too irregular to surf. 

I put my feet into the water, but even though the official temperature was 78 degrees, it felt much colder. The air temperature was just over 80 degrees, but with the wind it felt cold. We spent a few hours on the beach enjoying the day before heading back to the house to prepare for our blow-out Super Bowl party.

The video shows the waves and the some seagull activities in the wind.

And the Kansas City Chiefs managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat for a great overtime ending to the big game. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

#carlinparkbeach #jupiterfl #beach

Monday, February 12, 2024

Monday Musings - February 12, 2024


Sarcophagi Replicas from King Tut's Tomb
Elliott Museum, Stuart, FL
February 10, 2024
1. It is the second Monday of February. The Super Bowl was last evening. Football season is over. There are 46 Mondays remaining in 2024.

2. Important safety tip. Do not forget that Valentines Day is two days away! 

3. King Tut is still about. We went to the Elliott Museum in Stuart, FL, on Saturday and found not only recreations of the relics from King Tut's Tomb, but a great automobile museum as well. Definitely a return trip is in the works. 

4. I believe small earthquake may have occurred in the vicinity of Simi Valley, CA. It was attributed to Ronald Reagan rolling over in his grave as Trump's words about Putin were spoken. “Trump bragged that he’d encourage Russia to ‘do whatever the hell they want’ to our NATO allies if they didn’t spend enough on defense,” “Trump bragged that he’d encourage Russia to ‘do whatever the hell they want’ to our NATO allies if they didn’t spend enough on defense,” (Politico)

4. Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs for their repeat as Super Bowl Champions! It was a great ending to the game.

5. The Party of Lincoln and Reagan has lost its focus and has become a personality cult.

6. Did someone mention that the MLB pitchers and catchers begin reporting to Spring Training on Wednesday, February 14th? Baseball is back!!!

7. Today in History. On February 12, 2002, former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic goes on trial at The Hague, Netherlands, on charges of genocide and war crimes in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo. Milosevic served as his own attorney for much of the prolonged trial, which ended without a verdict when the so-called “Butcher of the Balkans” was found dead at age 64 from an apparent heart attack in his prison cell on March 11, 2006.

Yugoslavia, consisting of Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia, became a federal republic, headed by Communist leader Marshal Tito, on January 31, 1946. Tito died in May 1980 and Yugoslavia, along with communism, crumbled over the next decade.

Trump says he would encourage Russia to attack Nato allies who pay too little - The Guardian

Israel frees two hostages, Gaza officials say airstrikes kill 67 - Reuters

US Senate forges ahead on Ukraine, Israel aid as 'Putin is watching' - Reuters

Trump's shocking NATO remark causes alarm in Europe - CNN

Zelensky’s Military Shake-Up Ties Him to Battlefield Performance - The Wall Street Journal

These Families Are Shutting Down the Bank of Mom and Dad - - The Wall Street Journal

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Don't cut the Corner

Sea Bean Tied Up (Blue boat)
Stuart, FL
February 9, 2024
 Friday, while not a perfect Florida day was good enough for us to pile into a boat and head off on an adventure! George and Sue are visiting and Chris and I thought it would be fun to motor to Stuart, tie-up and wander around the town for the day. 

And that is what we did! 

Looking Down Osceola Street
Stuart, FL
February 9, 2024
We boarded our trusty vessel at the Freedom Boat Club marina in Port Salerno and headed off to Stuart. It is a short, about 30 minute or so, ride and even though the day was overcast and the St Lucie River was slightly choppy, it was a good ride. We successfully tied up at the city docks and walked onshore looking for adventure.

We enjoyed the day and the city. We have been there many times before, but there is something really different arriving by boat. For one thing, parking is a lot easier. We did keep an eye on the weather, however. After lunch at the Boat House, sitting on the deck overlooking the river and the docks, we decided that the wind was beginning to kick up the waves and we should probably head back to the marina. It was a good decision. While we had planned a stop at a beach, due to the cool temperatures and wind, we decided that it would not be enjoyable to be on the beach. Fortunately, we all had coats and were able to keep warm.

Tow Boat working to help Beached Boat
St Lucie River, FL
February 9, 2024

On our return trip though, we spied a boating nightmare. Apparently, a boater unfamiliar with the waters and who did not check the charts decided to cut across the turn from the St Lucie Inlet into the St Lucie River. That is an area where there is a large sandbar and it is very close to the marked channel. It was clear that the tow boat was having a problem getting the beached boat off the sandbar. Anyway, it was not a good day for the boater. We felt bad for them, it probably ruined an otherwise good day.

Note to self--don't cut the turn unless you are sure of the waters' depth.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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