Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Musings - March 1, 2010

1. Yesterday, I was in Fulshear, Texas at my sister's enjoying lunch outside on the patio in my shirt sleeves. Today, I'm back in the cold looking at snow and the forecast of snow and wondering--why do I live so far north?

2. Air travel gets more and more complicated and difficult. Getting through the pre-flight screening is an art form. And sometimes I feel as if I have to completely redress after I've taken off anything contain metal to go through the scanners. This trip, I found out that my watch now sets the scanners off. Ugh!

3. Sitting outside looking as the clear, blue sky feeling the warm sun on my face was fantastic. Looking out at the trees beginning to clothe themselves in green was nice too. Realizing that it is coming to a place where I live? Priceless!

4. Canada--US hockey. We lost. But then again we won. And I am glad the Olympics are over. It was pretty scary when I got excited about women's curling between Sweden and Canada.

5. I received a greeting from my dog, Makayla, this morning that made me feel real good. She was ecstatic about our return.

6. Traffic around the Washington, DC metro area is not too bad at midnight on a Sunday night. We made it home from Dulles International Airport in 45 minutes. During the day the drive averages an hour and fifteen minutes. At rush hour--it can take three-hours.

7. Spring is coming. Really!

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