Friday, March 26, 2010

Mulch in the Afternoon

I walked out of work the other day and smelled the newly installed mulch around the plants and trees lining the parking lot.

The smell just hit me with--It's Springtime!

Gardening, and mulch and the rush to get gardens all done and together.

The tulips and daffodils and crocus popping up through the newly laid mulch which looks so clean, unlike the mulch which had remained in the gardens from last year.

It is amazing how spiffy new mulch makes a garden look--and with its unmistakable smell--it just calls to me.

And the flowers, especially the yellow daffodils, look so spectacular against the new mulch, too.

And now the rain showers are back--to further incite the Springtime into action--the warm rain, and it is relatively warm with the temperature in the 50's. It is hard to believe we are facing the threat of frost this weekend and we are going to have to move the plants we wintered back inside for a couple of days.

But that's OK--Spring is truly here. The grass is green and our plum trees are green with leaves and soon will burst forth in bright white blooms.

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