Saturday, March 13, 2010

Call it a Heatwave

Since Monday--(or early Tuesday morning) the temperatures here in Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay have been moderate and believe it or not--above freezing!!!

Most of the snow is gone--although some huge piles remain if you know where to look.

It is clear that Springtime had descended upon us and that although we expect at least one more big wintery assault, the time for this to actually occur is reduced day by day.

We have seen temperatures in the 60's which have us rejoicing and longing for 70's. I even cooked out on the grill the other evening--without a coat on. I actually cook out all winter, but it was nice to sip my one allotted evening glass of wine and look into the trees and deepening night sky without feeling like I was going to develop hypothermia.

And I can smile--because I apparently have survived another cycle.

Today though--rain and gloom. But good weather is out there, somewhere.

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