Thursday, March 4, 2010

Change of Pace--Think SPRING!

So I've been so totally preoccupied with the incredibly long and severe winter we have been having this year, that I have been forgetting to project forward to happier and sunnier times.

Like this weekend.

Amazingly, the weather for Saturday is projected to be in the 50's and sunny and clear! I may even take 'Cat" out for a spin. I think I've decided to name the new car, "Cat" and that way I have a Kitty and a Cat.

But as for the weekend--and the present. We are not far away from actually beginning the Springtime chores. I think this weekend we are going to try to clean up some of the winter storm debris--including downed trees and branches. I mean, 50 degrees is a veritable heat wave considering where we've been hovering in terms of temperatures.

I can almost smell the flowers blooming in my mind. And then it's back onto the antihistamines to keep breathing!

But the promise of a nice weekend is just so encouraging. I am actually looking forward to, rather than resigning myself to, the weekend. It is too bad the yard will still be so wet from the snow melt. But--we'll make a little mud and still get stuff done. I think I need a new tool--like a cordless hedge trimmer! And I need cordless because last year Chris tried to electrocute me as she tried to cut the electric cord with the trimmer and I was holding the electric cord--it was pretty scary!

Yeah--I'll buy a new tool--that always makes me happy! And an outdoor tool at that!

By the way--Spring Training games began yesterday for the O's.

AND--51 days from today is the tentatively scheduled annual pool opening weekend event!

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