Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cars and Relationships

You don't really think about them--cars, that is, until they break.

For instance, we just go out, get in, turn the key and expect them to start and take us safely where we want to go.

But what happens when the second most expensive purchase we make decides not to work?


We went through the accident/broken car situation with Patrick and Tina a few months back and now it is our turn--the Lexus navigation system decided to break. And the Lexus dealer had it for three days. Lexus is great in that we get a loaner. But still--waiting to spend large sums of money at the car dealer! How much fun is that!

But is really makes you appreciate when vehicles work and redouble efforts to do preventive maintenance.

Kinda like relationships. Sometimes you don't really think about them until they get broken and need repair.

It would be a lot better if we took time to care for and do preventive maintenance on our relationships--just like we do for our cars.

Hmm. An interesting thought. Maybe go out to dinner or a show or a ballgame, just because! Reconnect, much like an oil change for relationships.

I'll have to give it a try.

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