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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

What Did You Do on Super Bowl Sunday?

Carlin Park, Jupiter, FL
February 11, 2024

 What an interesting question to ask? 

I had a great Super Bowl Sunday. We hosted friends for the big game in the evening, but during the day . . . 

During the day we headed off to the beach for some sun, wind, cool air, sand, rough surf, and local birds! There is always sand!

Chris and I along with two friends enjoyed a couple hours on the beach staring at the rough waves crashing on the beach and the crazy surfers who were trying to conquer them. 

There were only a few surfers and they quickly decided that the waves were too irregular to surf. 

I put my feet into the water, but even though the official temperature was 78 degrees, it felt much colder. The air temperature was just over 80 degrees, but with the wind it felt cold. We spent a few hours on the beach enjoying the day before heading back to the house to prepare for our blow-out Super Bowl party.

The video shows the waves and the some seagull activities in the wind.

And the Kansas City Chiefs managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat for a great overtime ending to the big game. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

NFL Conspiracy--The Fix is In?

 I have lost respect for NFL officiating as a result of the Chiefs vs Ravens AFC Championship Game Sunday. 

I question whether the NFL, by assignment of referees,  tried to engineer a Super Bowl match-up between the 49ers, with their West Coast market; and the Chiefs,  who are seeing increased the merchandise sales due to the Kelce-Swift connection? 

Fact: the Ravens lost and left at least 14 points on the field as a result of two ugly second-half end zone turn-overs, I got that, but . . . 

. . . were the odds manipulated before the game was played by the NFL when they assigned Shawn Smith as the referee for the game?

When fans have serious doubts about the fairness of the games based upon statistics and a review of the actual plays it means that perhaps, just perhaps, the NFL needs oversight!

Right out of the gate as the game began, I wondered why the Ravens went away from their season-long game-winning strategy of running the ball. I believe that change may have been a result of the referee assigned to the game who has a documented tendency to call more false starts on the home team than the visitors. False starts, I believe, tend to happen more on running plays because the offensive line is being asked to pull and block and may tend to jump the snap early. 

Sharp Football Analysis provides the following insights about Referee Shawn Smith, assigned to work the Chief-Ravens game:

He ranks #1 out of 24 referees in road team win percentage since 2018.

Home teams have won only 40.8% of games in the last three years with Smith as referee.

Across the NFL in the last three seasons, home teams have covered 49.4% of spreads. Under Smith, home teams are only 17-29-3 against the spread (37.0%) in the last three years.

This is the second-lowest mark among 19 referees.

Leaguewide over the last three seasons, in games Smith did not officiate, the following false start penalties were flagged:

  • 843 false start penalties on the home team
  • 882 false start penalties on the road team

That’s 4.6% more false start penalties on the road team.

Note: All penalty stats per TruMedia

But in the last three years, Smith has called:

  • 62 false starts against home teams
  • 46 false starts against road teams

Bucking the average of 4.6% more on the road team, Smith has called 34.8% more false starts on the home teams.

But a couple of penalty types stand out [2023 season]:

  • False start: 22 home, 13 road (69% more on the home team) whereas the NFL average this year was 7.6% more on the road team.
  • Holding: 17 home, 10 road (70% more on the home team) whereas the NFL average this year was 17.2% more on the home team.

In total this year, Smith called 924 yards in penalties on home teams and 709 penalty yards on road teams.

That’s 215 more yards on home teams or 30% more yards on home teams than road teams.

Across the NFL in games he didn’t officiate, there were 12,113 penalty yards on home teams and 12,636 penalty yards on road teams, or 4.3% more yards on road teams than home teams.

This penalty disparity in favor of the road team for Smith games is part of the reason home teams went a dreadful 3-11-2 against the spread (21.4%) and won just 3 of 16 games he called.

In the playoffs, is it really Shawn Smith’s crew?

This is a big question that is frequently asked about refs and the playoffs.

Sure, these Smith penalty stats and the strong results for road teams are eye opening, but is it really his crew calling the AFC Championship?

I asked our ref expert Joe Gibbs. His response:

Largely, yes. 

They will swap out a couple of officials, but usually, most of the crew is the same crew the head referee worked with during the season. 

These are just a some of the more salient statistics about the referee assigned to the Chiefs-Ravens game there are many more listed in the article I cited. And all of the statistics heavily favor the road team.

The proclivity to favor the road teams beg for an answer from the NFL, why was this referee working a Championship Game?

But wait--it is almost as bad, in reverse, for the referee assigned to the 49ers-Lions game!

The short summary from Sharp Football Analysis reads:

Making things more interesting is the other ref who was assigned to the NFC Championship Game, Clete Blakeman.

Blakeman is the exact opposite of Smith.

Home teams with Blakeman are 31-19 (62.0%) the last three seasons, the #3 highest win rate in that span.

And home teams under Blakeman have covered the spread in 57.1% of games, the #2 highest rate.

So, out of eight possible referees the NFL could have assigned to Championship games this weekend, the NFL selected the most road-friendly ref available (Smith) and put him on the Chiefs’ road game.

The NFL had the most home-friendly ref available but selected him to work the 49ers home game instead.

Was the fix in? Were the Ravens and the Lions afforded impartial and unbiased officiating?

Sporting News called it a "Taylor's Swift Conspiracy Theory." asked if the "Taylor Swift fix is in?"

The Kansas City Star even postulated that the Chiefs may have had the advantage going into the game because of the referee.

And I believe the "fix" goes deeper. Gene Steratore, a former NFL official who provides CBS with expert analysis of questionable officiating calls, is not unbiased. He clearly demonstrated a bias for the NFL and the officiating crews while botching the no pass interference call in the end zone on the Ravens drive. He said the possible interference happened after the interception--a replay clearly shows that the Chiefs neutralized the received before the ball arrived. Steratore remarked:

“There is some contact with the receiver, but in my opinion, I think this contact is occurring after the interception has taken place,” Steratore said on the broadcast. “You see the bump right there, it is a little early, but now you got a play that’s behind the receiver, the ball behind him and that reception taking place. I think it’s a good no-call for pass interference.”  (New England Sports Network)

If there was contact with the receiver, as he says, then where was the illegal holding call--which is a five yard penalty and first down?

I know many will say that I am a grieving Ravens fan--and I am. I own that, but I should not have this many questions about officiating in any football game. As I wrote earlier, the Ravens lost, nothing will change that; but was it fair and square?

The NFL has a serious problem. I suspect they will sweep it away and ignore it? The question remains, with all of the money at stake, who exactly is watching for the fox in the henhouse?

Possibly lost in the noise is that this casts doubt on whether the correct teams are really playing in the Super Bowl, or were they picked in advance because of $$$$?

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL




Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Onto the Championship

One of my Ravens Hats
Tequesta, FL
January 22, 2024
 The end of the NFL season is upon us. There are just three games remaining--the Conference Championships and then the Super Bowl on February 11th. 

I am excited that the Ravens have made it to the Conference Championship game for the fifth time in their history. They have two Super Bowl victories to go with their two Conference Championships. 

While there was a rumor that I had changed allegiances this year and become a Dolphins fan--that is just not true. I do enjoy watching the Dolphins--but when the Dolphins played the Ravens there was no doubt for which team I was rooting!

Sunday will be a wild time in Baltimore with the AFC Championship game being hosted at M&T Bank Stadium. I was there for the last regular season game in the cold rain! The Ravens lost, but did not play many of the starters choosing to rest them for the playoffs!

And so, on Sunday I will be in from of my television cheering on the Ravens as the Chiefs come to town to do battle. 

Go Ravens!

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Sunday, January 21, 2024

As the Day Evolved


Chris and Fin Coming Home
Tequesta, FL
January 20, 2024
It was NFL Playoff Saturday and so I knew where I would be from about 4 PM until I retired for the evening--in front of the TV watching the games.
Ibis in a Yard
Tequesta, FL
January 20, 2024

Fortunately, the outcome was to my liking as the Ravens dismantled the Texans to move onto the Conference Championship, one win away from the Super Bowl.

It was cold yesterday, not as cold as the 54 degrees this morning, but it hovered around the 60 degree mark when I rolled out my bike and started a 16-mile ride. I was lucky in that after attending the Ravens game a couple weeks ago in the cold and rain that I bought heated vests for both Chris and myself. Yup, heated vests in Florida! Mine came in very handy during my ride yesterday. There are cold days during January and February. So I was toasty warm during my ride. 

The real great part of the day is how the it evolved and the sky cleared during the afternoon. I have two images from the day, the first from my ride as I spied a flock of Ibis in a yard and the second as Chris and Finnegan were coming home from a walk. Note the sky! The change from overcast to crystal blue was dramatic. I wanted to be outside, although the 64 degree temperature put a damper on my enthusiasm. 

I love the blue sky! Sadly, we are back to clouds this morning, but hopefully the skies will clear as the day progresses.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Sunday, January 7, 2024

The Ravens Game

Me and Jeremy at M&T Bank Stadium
Baltimore, MD
January 6, 2024
It was a cold and rainy afternoon when I departed for the Ravens game dressed like I was expecting the worst weather ever faced by Nanook of the North. I did not know what to expect, really, as the cold misting rain confronted the warm reality of my face. I felt like Ralphie from "A Christmas Story", not able to move my arms once I was fully prepared for the cold and rain.

A Play During the 4th Quarter
M&T Bank Stadium
Baltimore, MD
January 6, 2024
Jeremy and I made our way into Baltimore for the game. It was a very important game for the Steelers--they needed a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. For the Ravens it was an opportunity to rest starters and give the back-ups a chance to play. The outcome was, then, predictable--Steelers 17 to Baltimore 10. In the rain and cold.

Walking to the Stadium
Baltimore, MD
January 6, 2024
I think the NFL hates both teams because they managed to schedule this game at the height of the storm that had been predicted for over a week. The league also officiated the game with their recently demoted refereeing team. The league certainly did not consider the fans in setting the time of the game. It was miserable! I think, and you will laugh when you read this, snow would have been better. At least I would not have been so wet. Actually, it was just my hands that got cold and soaked because my heated gloves got saturated. 

The rain continued throughout the game and only began to stop as I arrived back at Nicole's house in Odenton after the game.

Ravens Field Goal
M&T Bank Stadium 
Baltimore, MD
January 6, 2024
The game was predictably a low scoring affair. I cursed each time there was a stoppage of play--and especially the incredibly long TV time-outs. We were all standing, yes, no one in the stadium that I could see sat during the game, watching the rain pummel the fans and teams while waiting for the action to begin again. If you look closely in the picture of the field goal try, just above the lights near the center of the image the football is visible after being kicked.

I have to say a big thank-you to Jeremy for inviting me to the game and for making it a great father-son experience despite the rain. I had, wait for it, fun! And I was reminded that I can still overcome the elements!

I need to say thank you to Mike, George, and Patrick for the cold and wet weather gear you loaned me. I would not have been able to even consider attending the game without your help.

I hope the Steelers make the playoffs and come to South Florida to play the Dolphins next week even if it rains, because the rain in South Florida is not as cold. 

Programming note:

There will be no Monday Musings tomorrow because I expect to be in the truck headed home to Tequesta.

-- Bob Doan, Odenton, MD

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Tuesday Tattles


Well, the All Star Break is underway in MLB. Last evening's Home run Derby saw an Orioles participant, Adley Rutschman, who did a great job. I think he might have done better had both he and his Dad, who was pitching, not watched the blasts off the bat and were able together a few more balls into play.
B-1, B-2, B-52

A note on the Marine Corps today:

For the first time since 1859, the Marine Corps does not have a confirmed commandant. For five months, Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) has held up the confirmation of about 250 Pentagon officers in protest of the Defense Department’s policy of enabling military personnel to travel to obtain abortion care. So when Commandant General David Berger retired today, there was no confirmed commandant to replace him. Assistant Commandant General Eric Smith will serve as the acting commandant until the Senate once again takes up military confirmations. 

That a Republican is undermining the military belies the party’s traditional claim to be stronger on military issues than the Democrats. So does the attack of House Republicans on our nation’s key law enforcement entities—the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation—after traditionally insisting their party works to defend “law and order.”  (Letters form an American)

And I thought Republicans supported the military?

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Sleepy Saturday

Looking West Across the Loxahatchee River
Tequesta, FL
March 25, 2023

 Saturday was a relaxing day. 

There was the obligatory 15.6 mile ride to get the blood moving after a 1.5 mile dog walk, but the rest of the day was devoted to relaxation, followed by a dinner with friends to cap off the evening. 

Turning to sports, I am excited that FAU arrived into the Final Four of the Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament. I am hoping that Miami makes it through tonight. 

Sadly, we did not make it to the ocean yesterday to fully enjoy the 85 degree temperatures we experienced. I am not entirely sure why.

I noted, with some concern, that a particular presidential candidate chose Waco, Texas, for a rally on the 30th anniversary of the Branch Davidian compound fire which ended a 51-day siege. I read somewhere that this particular candidate is adept at using "dog whistles" to energize his base. 

And so it was Saturday.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Celebration Week


United on the Ground
West Palm Beach, FL
February 11, 2022

It is Super Sunday. The culmination of the NFL season is today when the Kansas City Chiefs face the Philadelphia Eagles for the Lombardi Trophy and bragging rights as the best team in football for the next year.

Yesterday was a travel day. Chris and I enjoyed a pleasantly routine flight from Houston back to West Palm Beach and then home. The trip was made more enjoyable as it was a direct flight and once we took off we knew that we would be sleeping in our own bed at night. 

Today, however, will be consumed with preparations for the Super Bowl. We are not hosting a party, but will be attending one. I was amazed at the mixture of baked items in the store yesterday for Valentines Day AND the Super Bowl. It was quite a sight, but Key Lime Pie is always good and covers both celebrations.

Remember, Valentines Day is Tuesday. It is a busy week of celebrations. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Friday, December 2, 2022

Frost on the Vehicles

Frost Out the Back Window
Glen Burnie, MD
December 2, 2022

The heavy frost covering the ground and vehicles this morning reminded me that it is December and I am still in Maryland. It is cold this morning not just below freezing, but really below freezing. My watch is showing 27 degrees. 

The sky is clear and that, of course, contributed to the cold. 

We stayed with Patrick and Jen after attending a Bourbon and Beer gathering at their community center last evening. There was an assortment of wines also present and we interacted with community residents. 

Well, it is Friday. The weekend is at hand!

There is another huge soccer match tomorrow at the World Cup and I am hopeful that the USMNT can overcome the Dutch. I am encouraged after Croatia played Belgium to a draw yesterday sending the number 2 ranked team in the world home! Tomorrow's match, however, cannot end in a draw! One team has to win. 

-- Bob Doan, Glen Burnie, MD

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

After the Big Game

Yesterday was devoted to Soccer and Christmas shopping. 

Both were successful.

I was very happy that the United States played a great match against Iran and won, moving on to the Round of 16 at the World Cup. I was very impressed with the generally good sportsmanship shown by the players despite all of the geo-political swirl surrounding the game. 

Sadly, though, the results of the match could have dire consequences for the losers. 

Iranians face retribution after World Cup loss against USA - New York Post

Conversely, one media outlet reported something very different about the mood in Iran after the game:

Celebrations erupt in Iran after world cup loss, people wave - Mint (which I believe is an Indian news reporting organization)

The euphoria of the win is dampened by the injury report. Both the US players in the image of the goal being scored are injured. Pulisic, who scored, and Sargent were removed from the game. Their status for the Saturday match against heavily favored Netherlands is day-to-day.

For the evening, Chris and I went to the nearly deserted mall for some Christmas shopping. I had expected crowds and tight parking, but that was not the case at all. It was wide open parking lots and few holiday shoppers inside of Arundel Mills.  

-- Bob Doan, Odenton, MD

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Soccer, or is it Football?

 I love the World Cup! I even watch it when the U.S. is not playing, but I do enjoy it more when the U.S. has a team in the mix. 

Today's game is crucial! A must win. Failure to win means elimination from the tournament and another disappointing showing for the U.S. Mens National Team. 

Wait, and the match today is against Iran! The same country that our team upset by defacing their flag the other day resulting in Iran demanding that the U.S. be eliminated form the tournament. The issue was over Women's Rights.

Sadly, this game has almost become more important geo-politically that it is from a World Cup sporting view. The Iranian players have been threatened, of course they did not sing their national anthem prior to their match with England.

CNN reports the activities in the following report: Iran threatened families of national soccer team, according to security source

It could be a very rough and difficult game for many people not just on the athletic field of play. 

It is a must win for both teams. The winner advances to the elimination round and the loser heads home! 

Go USA! The game begins at 2 PM Eastern Time!

-- Bob Doan, Odenton, MD 

Sunday, May 22, 2022

The Split, the heat, and the cool pool


Jax In-between Games
Bowie, MD
May 21, 2022
On a hot Summer-like day it was time for a baseball doubleheader.

The Severn Seminoles 14U baseball team played two solid games in the 90 degree weather and split with the Bowie Bulldogs. Had the Seminole bats warmed up during the first game, it could easily have been won. 

The official high for the region, taken at BWI Airport was 91 degrees yesterday, but the "feels-like" was over 100 degrees due to the humidity. The team survived and played some great baseball because the dugout was covered and the boys were able to stay out of the sun when not on the field. The coaching staff, and parents, also encouraged everyone to drink water at every opportunity. I actually felt bad for the umpire, there was only one yesterday instead of the usual two, he was in the sun constantly for each game and he called consistent and fair games. 

Game 1
Bowie, MD
May 21, 2022

Game 2
Bowie, MD
May 21, 2022

Unlike major league baseball, we get to switch between home and away when playing a doubleheader. The success for the games was really on the shoulders of the pitchers who minimized walks and pitched out of some tough jams, but also on the entire team for hanging together in the heat and playing generally rock-solid baseball. Winning, or losing, is a team effort and everyone contributed yesterday. 

An injury suffered by a Bowie player that took time to resolve was the reason that the second game only went 6 innings (actually 5 1/2) since the home team (Seminoles) was ahead as time expired. Fortunately, indications are that the Bowie player will be OK, but he had to leave the game. Baseball injury time is not added to the time limit, unlike soccer. 

The picture of Jax between games really shows the hard part of playing a doubleheader. His uniform is dirty from sliding back into base, he is hot, and yet he was the starting pitcher for the second game. He posted a solid line: 3 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 0 ER, 2 BB, 2 SO, 14 BF, 49 P - 27 S. I can also write that in English: 3 innings pitched, 2 runs allowed, 0 earned runs charged, 2 walks, 2 strike outs, 14 batters faced, 49 pitches thrown - 27 of those were strikes.

As for the pool--I was hot after the game. I consumed a great amount of cold water during the drive home, which fortunately was not excessive. But, when I got home to the "ready for Summer" pool, I admit to falling into it to fully cool off from the heat. Even though the 70-something degree water was a bit of a shock when I first dove it, it really did the trick and returned both my body temperature and mind-set to the proper temperature. 

Who says a pool needs to be 80 degrees to be enjoyed. Oh wait, that was me! I am corrected.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Spring Training Trip

Looking Down at the 16th Green
Bent Tree Country Club, Sarasota, FL
February 25, 2022
 As most know, nearly every year for at least the past ten years I have made a trip to Sarasota, Florida, home of the Baltimore Orioles Spring Training, to play golf, watch baseball and enjoy some evening activities. This year, obviously, due to greed, the Spring Training Baseball part of the trip did not happen--but the golf and evening activities did. 

I drove across Florida to Sarasota on Thursday morning to play golf and have some fun with some refugees from Maryland. Funny, it took me longer to drive across Florida form Jupiter to Sarasota than it did for them to fly from Baltimore to Sarasota. 

I was able to play two rounds of awful golf--but I loved it. I had forgotten how tough the second day in a row playing 18 holes on a long course can be. But, I had fun!! And I had even more fun because I was playing with Jeremy both days. 

It was sad that there was no baseball to watch, but playing golf still makes the trip worthwhile. I did not stay for the entire four days due to requirements back in Tequesta--but I enjoyed my two days and one night.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Super Sunday

The day has finally arrived. It is Super Bowl Sunday and the stage is set for another day of partying and even the promise of some football thrown in between the commercials. 

Who to cheer for? The Rams, or the Bengals? 

The Bengals are the underdogs, currently by about 4 points. BUT, the Bengals hail from the AFC North Division--home to the Steelers and my favorite team the Ravens. Therefore, I will be cheering on the Bengals--a team which beat both the Ravens and Steelers in each of their meetings this year--home and away. 

I am truly hoping for good football to close out the season. The ending was very disappointing for the Ravens as Lamar was injured and the team lost its final six games to finish outside of the playoffs. 

The day will be filled with anticipation and maybe a bit too much food and drink. 

I know that here in Florida the police have promised extra patrols looking for impaired drivers starting about the time the game ends. They will be looking for party revelers who over indulged--and I don't think they will be helping them to get home.

Be save and don't over do it if you are planning on watching the game and partying. 

I am a terrible sports predictor--however, here it goes.

My prediction Bengals 31 - Rams 27.

May the best team win and the referees stay out of the headlines.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Tuesday, December 21, 2021


 I got out Saturday for a bit to play some racquetball at the outdoor courts. 

I don't usually write of my exploits on the racquetball court but it had been a couple months since I last played and I have not been golfing either. My game was rough--but it always is rough anymore, I do not play enough since I only play outdoor courts and between the darkness, weather, and schedules finding a time to play has become increasingly difficult. 

It was a cool day and I believe I managed to acquire a head cold from the play--but, most importantly I had fun smacking the ball around the court. The courses at Atholton have been refurbished and it was nice to actually be able to see the ball in the corners. 

The first two games were, in a word, miserable. I lost the two games by a score of 30-8. If you know anything about racquetball you know that games are usually played to 15, so do the math, I sucked. There was one stretch across the two games where I gave up 16 straight points!

The last two games were better. We split--the games and the points. The combined score for the two games was 29-29.

A solid ending for my last racquetball outing of 2021.

One wonders what 2022 will bring?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

The Banquet

Ethan Receiving his Personal Record Medal
Arundel High School
November, 16, 2021
Last evening Chris and I were honored to attend the Arundel High School Cross country End of the Year Banquet. 

It was really good to see all of the runners gathered together in a relaxed atmosphere. Although I had only attended two races this year, I could see that the runners, boys and girls, had blended into a true team. 

The coach did a great job talking about each one of the team members and describing their strengths and contributions to the team. The evening took me back of the football banquets I attended when I played high school football, however, with so many boys on the team the comments were not nearly so personal except for those who made the largest contributions. Last evening each member if the team, from freshman to senior, was recognized for their contributions and growth during the year. 

And at the end of the evening, Ethan received a tee-shirt from his other grandmother that really summed up the bond that cross country runners share. I found the saying on-line and put an image of a sweatshirt with the saying on it for all to enjoy.

Cross country truly is tough.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

Sunday, November 14, 2021

State Cross Country Finals - Not for the Weak

Ethan 1 km from the Finish
Hereford, MD
November 13, 2021
 I must confess, although Ethan has run cross country for the past two years, I never really appreciated the sport until yesterday.

Yesterday was the State of Maryland Finals for Cross Country. It was quite an event with hundreds of harriers from across the state gathered at one high school for the finals. It was a sight to see.

What was more impressive were the throngs of fans, mostly parents and grand parents who made their way to the competition and braved the cold rain and temperatures to cheer their competitors. It was weather that makes the stoutest of heart faint considering the runners were wearing only shorts and running shirts. They made me cold looking at them in the mud and the cold rain. And when I say cold, my watch indicated the temperature was 43 degrees. 

The rain was unrelenting for the entire run. The mud was becoming a problem on the course and for the spectators watching the event. The boys did a great job running. Ethan runs for Arundel High and they are the team in green in the middle of the start. The Arundel High team placed 10th overall and Ethan was 4th on the team.

Braving the rain and the cold--what a day, what a race, and I have a new appreciation for the sport.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Two Weeks in a Row


Chris on the 1st Tee
Clifton Park, Baltimore, MD
August 7, 2021

An amazing thing happened this morning--I played golf!!

It was truly amazing considering that before last week my previous outing was June 5th, but now I have managed to risk life and limb on a course two weeks in a row!

And as an added benefit, Chris joined Jeremy and me for the outing. We had the second tee time of the day at  6:10 am and finished 18 holes in 3 hours 12 minutes! We would have been faster but the group in front of us kept us from making it a sub 3-hour round.

Although I did not log the improvement that I expected, I was two strokes overall better this morning than last week. 

It was great to be on the course before the sun crawled up into the sky and we were headed home about 9:30 with the rest of the day in front of us. 

A bad day on the golf course is better than a good day in the office!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sunday 9AM

It is 9 AM Sunday morning as I write this and it has already been a busy day.

I was up before the sun and on the racquetball court at 6 AM to get in the games that I had delayed playing since the rains on Friday and Saturday morning.

And then for fun, I started learning Pickleball--and played three games, if you can call them games, of this new sport.

From there I zipped off to Jeremy to assist with picking up a sofa--which tool until 8:50 AM. Boom!

And now I am home for breakfast and a shower before heading off to a baseball doubleheader.

A busy summer Sunday. What could be better?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Sports Saturday at Hand

Cheery Window Box for a Bright Saturday
Elkridge, MD
April 17, 2021

 A busy sports Saturday is what I am in the middle of enjoying. 

This morning at 7 AM, as dawn was breaking, I was on the outdoor racquetball court. It was about 43 degrees, but the play soon got me very warm. It really is a great way to start the day. I actually held my own on the court, which made me happy. 

Following racquetball I have a Tee time for just before noon at Timbers. It will be only my second golf outing of the year and I am using a new driver--which I am still a bit unsure of. I may take my old one in case I lose confidence in the new one. 

I should be exhausted about the time evening arrives. I am thinking a nice late-afternoon nap will do the trick.

I have to enjoy life today because tomorrow I begin one of the tasks I dread the most: TAXES!! Ugh. Settling-up with the governments is a tortuous task that never comes out in my favor at the end. 

Play today and work tomorrow.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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