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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Oiut the Hotel Windows: Pittsburgh and Connellsville, PA

AC Hotel
Pittsburgh, PA
June 14, 2024

 I have a twofer for today's offering. During the GAP ride, I stayed in two hotels and one hostel. As we never opened the curtain in the hostel, I did not take an image out the window of the houses and train tracks, but I did take images of the scene from windows in the hotels. 

The first is from the lobby, which interestingly enough is on the 7th floor, of the AC Hotel on the Strip in Pittsburgh, PA. What a great view! It was a Friday morning, not all that early, but yet not a lot of traffic was evident. We left the hotel and began our day on the GAP shortly after I took this image. 

Comfort Inn
Connellsville, PA
June 15, 2024

The second hotel window was in Connellsville, PA. I took this one out my room window. The hotel is right on the Youghiagheny River. I never would have believed that such a great hotel would be in a small village like Connellsville--but it is and next year when I tackle the GAP with Chris, we will spend our first night there. There is a very inviting fire pit right on the river bank. Except for the rain, it would have been a great place to enjoy the evening. 

We began our second day in Connellsville and it was a tough almost continuous uphill ride where we gained almost 1000 feet of elevation during the almost 47 mile ride. 

I got on my bike yesterday for a ride. It was my first ride after the GAP. Without all of the bags and gear, the bike felt light. Well, at least at the beginning. It was good to be back in Florida and riding although the humidity was stifling. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Monday, June 10, 2024

Out the Hotel Window - Fayetteville, North Carolina

Ground Floor Room
Fayetteville, NC
June 9, 2024

 It is perhaps the worst view ever out the hotel window. 

An obstructed view with the air conditioning unit and a view of the parking lot. I've had better, but I think never worse. We are in a first floor suite, but it is convenient since we are traveling with Finn. And, it turns out, we don't leave the shades open because people can see into the room.

Finn in the Hotel
Fayetteville, NC
June 9, 2024

Finn has adapted to the room quite well, as long as we are with him. He woke me about 5 AM with the need to go outside, which I dutifully did and at least he made the interruption of my sleep worthwhile. He came back to the room and went to sleep--I was not so lucky; drifting off only briefly. 

We are heading to breakfast soon and then it is back on the road for the most grueling 5 hours of the trip. It would be a great drive, if only we could somehow avoid the Richmond to Washington drive on I-95. It is sure to be fraught with traffic and stops. Hopefully the morning rush will be mostly over once we get to Richmond. 

-- Bob Doan, Fayetteville, NC

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Out the Hotel Window - Rome Airport

Mercur Da Vinci Airport Hotel
Fiumincio, Italy
May 28, 2024

 Chris and I stayed one night in a hotel during our European adventure. The other nights we were either on a cruise ship or in an AirBNB. I took the image to the right during the morning as we prepared to leave the room for the airport. 

It looked as if the day were to be another in a string of beautiful days that we had enjoyed during the trip. We did not get to enjoy the outdoors that day as we had a 7:40 AM shuttle to the airport and from there we were inside until greeted by the hot humidity of Miami upon arrival there. 

The scene out the hotel window is one of the last views we had of the Italian countryside, even though it was near the airport. With the sun rising, it provided a good memory. 

The travels have ended, but they are not forgotten.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Out the Hotel Window - Tampa

City View of Tampa
Westshore Palms, FL
April 20, 2024

 Not to be forgotten, but two weeks ago when Chris and I attended the Kenny Chesney Concert in Tampa, I actually did take an image out the hotel window. 

We had a very nice room on the 14th floor--I guess we are moving up in the world. And we had a lovely city view. 

Traffic in and around the city was terribly congested. We later learned that there were three cruise ships in port, the Kenny Chesney Concert, and at least two other large events all happening. Wow!

The view out the window was nice. The only problem was that the balcony door was permanently closed and we could not actually step outside to enjoy the view without a window being in our way. 

We enjoyed the hotel and breakfast. As you might suspect we stayed at an Embassy Suites on Westshore Drive. Easy enough to find. Parking was a bit expensive at $18 per night. Fortunately we only stayed the one night. Parking was very tight as the spaces were definitely not designed for my truck. All of the pickups seemed to have the same problem as the clearance for the parking garage was a bit low. 

The view was, however, one of the best.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Out the Hotel Window - League City, TX

From my Room, South Shore Harbour 
League City, TX
March 1, 2024

 Still in Texas!

Chris and I have relocated along with most of the family to South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center in beautiful League City, Texas. The center is in Galveston County and we next to a marina close to Galveston Bay. 

Did I reserve a boat? No and I felt bad since my boat club has a site located right outside of the hotel. We walked down and talked to the Freedom Boat Club (FBC) crew member last evening and they are fully booked for today. I don't have a weekend plan anyway--but yesterday might have been fun for a late day cruise.

Today the big event is, in fact, a birthday cruise as the Leap Day birthday celebration continues. We are cruising aboard the Houston Party Boats this early afternoon. It should be a lot of fun, although the temperatures are not forecast to reach the 80s as we expected yesterday. That means coats and jackets. But, I love being on the water and since I will not be at the helm, I can enjoy myself with the food and adult beverages. 

The scene out my hotel window is one of the best I have recorded since I have been taking images out the hotel windows to remember my travels. We have a small balcony and I took the image last evening after we had arrived shortly before sunset. In the right center of the image are two buildings at the end of the dock. The one on the left is the FBC facility.

Looking forward to a day of celebration.

-- Bob Doan, League City, TX

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Out the Hotel Window - Fayetteville, NC


Out the Hotel Window
Fayetteville, NC
December 189, 2023

And here we are. 

Nine hours closer to our Maryland destination, but stopped for the night in Fayetteville, NC. 

I wish hotels would think about the view out the windows. Looking over the vast expanse of the conference center is just not that exciting. It did, however, remind me of the beautiful travel day that we had. We traveled in daylight for the entire time and it was a great trip. I admit I was tired as we neared Fayetteville--but, it was nice to stop and not have to press on through exhaustion to our destination.

We enjoyed a nice walk with Finnegan. We stopped in the Cracker Barrel Store near the hotel just to look at the wares, but decided that we did not want to take dinner there. I guess we are not Cracker Barrel people.We returned to the hotel where we settled in the hotel bar for apps and wine which became dinner. We met a few other travelers in the bar and enjoyed conversing with them.

I was surprised that there were not more travelers on the roads. Maybe that is why we got such a good rate for the room. 

Tomorrow, God willing, we arrive Maryland and start finalizing Christmas preps. 

-- Bob Doan, Fayetteville, NC

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Out the Hotel Window - Key West

Out the Hotel Window - Key West
Pier House Resort & Spa
October 19, 2022


We are in Key West. Chris and I made the drive yesterday for a planned combined birthday celebration/get away. 

Out our hotel window is a stunning view of palms. Various large palms. At some point I guess I need to start learning the names of the different species of palms. We are on the ground floor and it is very cool this morning as I am writing this from the verandah. The temperature is reported as 77 degrees, but with the low humidity and breeze it seems cooler. 

The drive to Key West from Tequesta is a planned five hours before stops. And there is always one stop for lunch or dinner at my favorite restaurant in the Keys, the Islamorada Fish Company! We arrived at the restaurant almost exactly at noon, which means it is just over half-way to the destination of Key West. For those who have never driven U.S. 1 through the Keys, it is a slog. Mostly 2-lanes of towns and stops interspersed with stunning views of land, ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico. The Islamorada Fish Company is a bit less than two-hours from Key West and provides a much needed stop and respite from the traffic--which was not that bad being that it is not the high season, yet.

Seagull and Tarpon
Islamorada Fish Company
Islamorada, FL
October 18, 2022

The restaurant is built around a large pond which is open to the ocean and is populated with large, and I mean large, tarpon. Chris decided to throw some of her leftover bread from lunch into the pond for the seagulls which were diving to snatch small fish and the bread. I just happened to get this image of a seagull about to snatch the bread while a tarpon is seen in the water below. The dorsal fin is just visible above the surface of the water in front of the seagull. 

View from the Pier House Private Beach
Key West, FL
October 18, 2022

We enjoyed our drive and arriving at the resport we changed into swim gear and headed to the beach. Yes, this report has a private beach. 

It was probably a good thing we hit the beach yesterday since the weather today is supposed to be much cooler. The temperature is forecast to decline as the day progresses and there is rain in the forecast. It may not be a good beach day. 

But wait, I'm in Key West! What is not to like? I did check the cruise ship schedule and one will arrive tomorrow morning when we are planned to depart to drive back to Tequesta. 

Fun awaits!

-- Bob Doan, Key West, FL

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Out the Hotel Window - Orlando


Out the Hotel Window
Orlando, Florida
December 14, 2021

I was assigned to the worst room with a view in the hotel. It is right above the lobby looking out over the portico. The view is, well, terrible.

I am staying at one of my preferred hotels, one that includes breakfast. The room is very nice and spacious but the view is, well, less than enjoyable.  

Orlando Airport
December 14, 2021
It really is not an issue, this time because this is a work-associated trip and I will not be in the room very long. In fact I expect to depart today before sunrise and return after dark. At least I can see the sky.

The view from one of the Orlando Airport Hotel rooms would have been much better--at least they had a Christmas Tree to enjoy in the middle of all of the airport activity.

A quick story. As we were landing yesterday the cabin crew on the Southwest flight made the announcement: "Look out the right side of the aircraft, you can look out the left side too, you will see palm trees and green grass and no snow. Welcome to Florida." They made me smile. Their rendition of "Southwest the Friendly Airline" sung to the tune of "Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer" so entertained me that I forgot to record it for posterity.

At least the view from the jet and the entertainment was better than the view out my hotel window.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Out the Airport Window - Denver International Airport, January 2020

Out the Denver Airport Window
Denver International Airport, Denver, CO
January 10, 2020
Last evening I was at the Denver Airport waiting to depart on a flight home. Since it was a 6 PM flight, I had a couple hours to wait and, of course, I did enjoy a glass of wine in my favorite wine bar--Vino Volo. 

The sky out the window was clear as the sun was setting behind the almost visible mountains. I was anxious, at this point, to board my flight and to return home. It was the end of the week and the end of the day on Friday. The scene out the window was of activity and preparations for departures. The aircraft to the right of the scene was one which would fly me to Baltimore. The empty jet way to the left is where a flight to Salt Lake City was supposed to have departed already, but the incoming flight was delayed because it had to fly around the terrific storms in the midsection of the country. It arrived a short time later and that flight departed about an hour and a half late. 

It was dark by the time I departed and I remember looking out the cabin window into the darkness as the jet picked up speed rumbling down the runway. My trip was complete and all that remained was getting home and falling into bed--which fortunately happened without incident.

And so the day ended.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

Friday, January 10, 2020

Out the Hotel Window - Denver, January 2020, part 2

Out My Hotel Window
Denver, CO
January 9, 2019
As I had hoped, I was able to get an image out of my hotel window yesterday while it was still daylight. The scene is very different in the daylight--very desolate with brown grasses seemingly reaching all the way to the mountains and a gray winter sky overhead. Not an exciting scene, but it is far better than just looking at the building next door--which has been my fate during more than one trip. 

The day was a cool winter day. The overcast skies kept it warmer during the night, but this morning it is 26 degrees outside and the sting of the season will be apparent as I make my way into my job site. Today is both a work day and a travel day. I will be home tonight--but it will be late and I likely will not fall into my bed until just past midnight. I wish I was able to sleep in, but I likely will be awake by 6 AM ready to start the day tomorrow.

And so the day begins. 

-- Bob Doan, writing from Denver, CO

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Out the Hotel Window - Denver, January 2020

Looking Westward at Denver
Denver, CO
January 9, 2019
I arrived at the hotel under the cover of darkness and will depart for work this morning while it is still dark. The view out the hotel window therefore is somber and dark. The world is waking, yet the sun continues its winter slumber. 

Ski Lift Chair
Denver, CO
January 8, 2019
I am looking forward to potentially seeing the scene during the daylight at some point today. 

Occasionally, I stumble across strange things during my travels and last evening was no exception. As I walked out of the hotel, I saw an interesting thing on a trailer. It took me a moment to identify the item, as it is not something that I routinely come across. I finally determined that it was a ski lift chair. I have only one experience with such an object, and it was not a good one. The chair deposited me at the top of a Colorado mountain on my face and as I struggled to gain my footing on my skis, I was being yelled at by the staff to get out of the way. That was just the beginning of the only ski run I have been made n my life and where I believe I saw my life pass before my eyes on three separate occasions. 

Welcome back to all of the good memories that I have of living in Colorado!

-- Bob Doan, Writing from Denver, Colorado

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Out the Hotel Window - Waikiki

Out the Hotel Window - Waikiki
September 11, 2019

The beach calls and I am in a hotel with a beach view. Of course, my room does not have a beach view, I have a city view--but I am in Hawaii.
Out the Window Near the Elevator
September 11, 2019

The traveling during the day was fine, but long. Getting to the hotel in afternoon traffic was like trying to navigate the Baltimore beltway at rush hour. But the sky is beautiful, as are the mountains. The scene is just, well, Hawaii.

I took an image from the windows near the elevators and I could see the ocean. It is not too far off and I fact I walked the beach last evening, just because. It was a nice walk after dinner. The beach was still very much alive after sunset--surfers were catching waves and the catamaran sunset cruises were moving ashore to discharge their passengers. It was a great scene and I am happy to be here.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Out the Hotel Window - Bethesda, Maryland

Out the Hotel Window
Bethesda, MD
September 6, 2019
Out the Hotel Window in the Morning
Bethesda, MD
September 7, 2019
Last evening Chris and I stayed in a hotel in Bethesda, MD. The view out the hotel window was very interesting and dynamic. We were on the 10th floor! What a view. 

In the center of the frame is a beach--well that is at least what it calls itself. And the crane was very prominent as well. It dominated the view and highlighted and the parking garage under construction. 

I took another picture this morning of the view in the dawn light. The crystal blue sky was fabulous and foretold a spectacular day. 

I enjoyed the complex view of the city from the vantage point high above the street. The day turned into a busy and satisfying day.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Out the Hotel Window - Construction Site Huntsville

Pre-Sunrise View of Huntsville from Hotel Window
August 9, 2019
After I decided not to take the image of the construction site out the hotel window, I looked out the window yesterday morning during the dawn of the day and noticed that the scene was complex and interesting to observe. 

The lights of the site were still illuminated and the light of the scene was building. I also caught the fo on the hill in the background. It was an interesting view just on the cusp of day scene. The day was a busy day with meetings followed by travel which saw me arriving home right at midnight to begin today as home and put the travel behind me.

And now for the weekend! Bring it on. Today has dawned clear, bright, and cool. Cool being 63 degrees! I can tell that mid-August has arrived and with it, tomorrow, the Dog Days come to an end. 

It is almost as if Autumn is struggling to begin a month early.

And all of this from an image I snapped yesterday in Huntsville, Alabama.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

Friday, August 9, 2019

Out the Hotel Window - August in Huntsville

Huntsville from the Hotel
August 8, 2019
I am traveling and this morning I awakened in Huntsville, Alabama.

The hotel is a relatively new structure and very modern. I have a corner room, which is different and have views of the parking lot, as shown, and a construction site--which was too mundane to photograph. 

My room, while nice, lacks some warmth and creature comforts like coffee cups. It has a coffee machine--but no cups. That is frustrating because I will have to walk down to the lobby to retrieve my morning coffee.

Charlotte Airport E Terminal
August 8, 2019
The city of Huntsville is as I remember it and the walk to and from dinner last evening was enjoyable because it allowed me to stretch my legs after being crammed into small airline seats for much of the day. 

I did get to experience the Charlotte/Douglas International Airport yesterday. It remains one of the worst airports that I traverse. I snapped an image of the area where I waited for my connecting flight, which of course was delayed. Each of the monitors in the scene represents a flight that is scheduled to depart within minutes of each other. The people are attempting to get on one of those flights, hopefully, the correct flight. Some of the gates have letters associated with their names, for instance there was gate E33A, E33B, and (you guessed it) E33C. At least the gate people had enough sense not to try to talk over each other when announcing which of the nine boarding groups for each flight was allowed to board at that moment. 

To say that confusion was the word of the day is an understatement. I was very glad to get to my hotel and head out to find dinner. 

-- Bob Doan, writing from Huntsville, Alabama

Friday, May 31, 2019

Out the Hotel Window - Dayton, OH, May 2019

Out my Hotel Window - Dayton, OH
May 30, 2019
Another day and another hotel. Staying for only one night in a hotel is tough because there is almost no reason to unpack. I am traveling with just my backpack which makes it easy to get around where but does complicate getting needed items which are at the bottom. But, I have become a believer in traveling light and with a backpack. It is a lot easier to lug a backpack around an airport than a suitcase. And my clothes need to be ironed upon arrival regardless of whether I use a suitcase or not.

The view out my hotel window here in Dayton is busy. It is also dark and rainy. Rain has been a constant on this trip. I long for sunny skies. I thought the raindrops on the hotel window when I took the image were a nice tough looking at the rainclouds and the clearing skies, which never materialized, in the distance.

At least I have a view to enjoy.

Today I am hoping/planning on getting home to sleep in my own bed again. But tomorrow, I will be off on another adventure! First things first, however, I must get through today and accomplish the very specific goals laid out for me. Summer is drawing close. Today is the last day of May--how quickly it has slipped away. Tomorrow, June arrives and it is the month during which Summer begins! The best season of the year. 

-- Bob Doan, writing from Dayton, Ohio

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Out the Hotel Window - Omaha, NE - May 2019

Out My Hotel Window - Omaha
May 28, 2019
Welcome back to Nebraska and Omaha, home of the College World Series! 

The view out my hotel window is of an open area and filled with visual stimulating activity. It is raining this morning, but was only overcast last evening as I took the image. 

Bread Counter in Upstream Brewing Company
Omaha, NE
May 28, 2019
The city was almost deserted last evening as I went to dinner. It was a short walk to The Old Market area and the Upstream Brewing Company, where I dined. I enjoyed a wholesome dish of Stroganoff, something that I have not had in many years along with a very nice pint of a local IPA. I recommend this a good place for dinner and a relaxing glass of brew.

It was good to be back in a place that seems almost familiar, although the city keeps growing and changing. I ran across a funny thought as I was leaving the restaurant last evening and it was so good that I had to take a picture. It made me smile. I suppose something similar could be written for grapes that become grape juice or raisins instead of wine!

-- Bob Doan, writing from Omaha, NE

Friday, April 12, 2019

Out the Hotel Window - Los Angeles, CA, April 2019

Out my LA Hotel Window
April 11. 2019
For the last evening of my trip, I wound up at a hotel with many stories between me and the ground overlooking LAX. I can hear the sounds of the aircraft engines as they run up in preparation for taxi or takeoff. 

The scene out my window is busy! There is traffic and there are aircraft. There are people scurrying too and fro. 

It is scene of life and activity. I am well about the chaos, but I can still hear the activity.

It was a much nicer day in LA on Thursday than I experienced on Wednesday during the Colorado Spring Blizzard! What a mess that was. 

Well, as I leave this morning, I am finally heading home and soon this trip will be a memory.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Out the Hotel Window - Denver, CO, April 2019

View of Pikes Peak on Wednesday Morning
Before the Weather Event
April 10, 2019

That is all I can really say about the weather I have faced during the lat 24 hours between Colorado Springs and Denver. 
Out the Hotel Window - Denver
April 10, 2019

Yesterday morning, I awoke to temperatures in the 40's with cloudy and an apparently beautiful day ahead--well, if I could forecast weather by liking at the sky. But then there was this thing called a Bullet Vortex! I decided to rain a blizzard down upon the region and drastically change everyone's early Spring plans. Well, we are almost a month into Spring.
The Road Ahead of Us
On the Drive to Denver
April 10, 2019

Well, the storm changed everything and I an my traveling party were lucky to get out of Colorado Springs as everything was being closed and make our way to Denver where we are staying the night in advance of our flight this morning.  

When I got to my hotel room, I snapped a picture out my hotel window--it was of snow and the gathering blizzard.

I hate snow--I just want to get that out there and make sure everyone knows. The scene out my hotel window last evening was not one of my preferred scenes--it was of snow and blowing snow. And cold!

I am happy to be leaving this out the hotel window scene behind!

I need some palm trees and blue skies.

Bob Doan, writing from Denver, CO

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Out the Hotel Window - Colorado Springs, April 2019

Out the Hotel Window - Colorado Springs
April 8, 2019
Pike's Peak from Near the Hotel
April 8, 2018
It is springtime in the Rockies! While there is a great view of Pike's Peak from near the hotel, my room has not such a grand view. I wonder why I always get the "no view" side of the hotels that I stay in?

The view is not bad--it just isn't. Although the blue sky is refreshing after seeing clouds for the past day. Like I wrote before, I want to live somewhere where I grow tired of seeing blue sky!

The travel day came to a conclusion about 6:30 PM and then it was off to dinner. Fortunately, there was a place close that also had the National Championship game in the tv's to watch as a distraction. 

I was so tired that when I returned to my room I fell into bed and only barely saw the end of the game with Virginia winning in overtime. Then it was lights out--my eyelids closed and sometime during the night I woke up to turn the tv off. 

Today begins another day on the road. It will be an interesting day and I am looking forward to meeting a lot of people. 

It has been a while since I was able to add to my out the Hotel Window series, and I hope to have a couple more entries during this trip as I will be in a couple more hotels before the week is over!

But, that written, I am already looking forward to getting home.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Colorado Springs, CO

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