Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Musings - February 1, 2010

1. Amazingly enough, when snow falls lightly from the sky--as it did outside my window on Saturday, it provides a peaceful setting for the countryside. It is even a bit pretty, in small quantities.

2. In an awesome piece of news--the rim on Chris's car was ordered, finally, and even installed on Saturday! This has only taken 6 months! But, one long term item has come off the "to-do" list!

3. Families can be very frustrating at times. It is hard to consider all of the impacts of changing and fast moving plans and then someone feels either left out or put out.

4. I'm feeling pretty good about getting plans together for spring break and the summer Florida trip. We are way ahead of normal years and can now focus on planning the fun rather than the logistics.

5. 9 degrees! That was the temperature yesterday when I woke up. AND, also, 5 and a half inches of snow from a storm that was supposed to miss us! Who dialed up this weather?

6. Yes. I changed the template for my blog after just over two years of using the same one. It needed a face lift. Let me know what you think. For those of you reading on Facebook--click on the item and then click on "view original post" to see the new template.

7. One nice thing about snow weekends--I get a lot of time to think and chill form the exciting pace of normal day-to-day life.

8. I reread the State of the Union speech presented by President Obama. I can't see where he ever answered the question.

9. The President, in the State of the Union address made the following statement: "Let me repeat: we cut taxes. We cut taxes for 95% of working families." Has anyone noticed a tax cut mixed in with everything out there that keeps going up like food prices, gas, and medical copayments?

10. What is your favorite Napa Valley (or Sonoma Valley) winery? We are headed there in April and are looking for all the good ones to visit!

11. Hey--it is already the second month of the new decade! We survived January! I'm feeling the need for a party.

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