Saturday, February 13, 2010

The In Between Time

The panic has started already, even though the weather forecasters are playing it down. Another storm is on the map with its sights set on Maryland.


Does it really matter if we get 10 or 20 or even 30 inches more of snow?

I need to wade out to the diving board to get a good masurement of how much of the white stuff is on the ground.

But Monday night they are talking about snowfall of about 8 inches.

Today, however, is Saturday and the entire region will be out. Including us. There is pent up energy and the malls should look like Christmas shopping season. Of course Valentines Day is tomorrow! And guess what most of us haven't done?

Last evening--the condition of the roads contributed so some of the worst gridlock I have ever witnessed. I-95 was not moving in both directions which backed up MD100 which affected the Parkway and US1. We went to a friends house and a normal 10 minute drive took 30 minutes.

And it is because the roads randomly go from two to one lanes in really bad places.

Monday is a holiday--maybe the roads will be ready for the morning rush on Tuesday, unless everything is paralyzed once again by snow!

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Anonymous said...

Hey son, you may get some more days off.The pics of your snow are fantastic. Who would have thought this could or would happen? Keep warm and enjoy!

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