Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowpocalypse 2010 Update from the Front Part II

Well--the driveway is clean.

But the street is still packed with the 38.3 inches of snow that fell in Elkridge.

It is amazing. We went out last evening in the fading light of the day to capture some images of the results of the storm. As you can see--the sky had cleared and the sunset colors were casting a warm glow over the frozen wastelands that used to be our yards.

To give a perspective of how high we have piled the snow to get it out of our driveway--Chris is standing in front of the pile--and it is above her head. We are all worried about where to pile the additional six to seven inches of snow expected on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Makayla is feeling the effects of the snow the most of any of us. She can't break through the deep snow on her own--so every time I take her out she makes a beeline for the end of the driveway and the paths we have all made connecting with the neighbors.

This morning though--the sun is rising--the sky is clear. It is a balmy 13 degrees. And we are ready for the day.

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