Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day movie review

On the day after Valentine's Day, Chris persuaded, cajoled, and even asked me to see the movie Valentine's Day with her.

This movie is a must miss! If you are a guy and cannot get out of going to this movie with the one you love, at least extract something significant in exchange--like a new car or a trip around the world. (OK--so I got a new car)

There are lots of stars in this movie and you might be drawn into it because of them--but beware, most of them are short appearances in an uninspiring, predictable, and often boring script.

If you saw the trailer--you saw every highlight from the movie. The best performance was from Bryce Robinson--who plays Edison. And he plays a fifth grader. Everyone else is going through the paces to get a paycheck to cover their mortgages this month.

I really couldn't tell if the movie was a comedy or a tragedy. The true tragedy was that I spent money to see it.

RECOMMENDATION: Avoid this movie. It is not even worth a rental.

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