Sunday, January 31, 2010

Angeline Merlot 2007 Sonoma Valley - A Review

We had a bottle of the 2007 version of this wine the other night.

The nose was very fresh and light with hints of berries. The taste is smooth and light and continues the light berry flavors, and adds some cherry and a hint of vanilla and some mild tannins. The light purple color is very pleasant. I found the finish a bit weak however. It does not linger very long--and is too soon gone. I would wish it to linger a bit longer to add to the enjoyment.

If you are looking for a light wine to enjoy with some light munchies--this is the wine to try.

Don't look too close at the label depicted here--we had the 2007 Sonoma Valley wine--which has the same label except for it says Sonoma Valley instead of Russian River Valley. But the label otherwise is identical.

RECOMMENDATION: A good buy at $12 per bottle.

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