Thursday, February 18, 2010

The New Cat in the House

So my mid-life crisis finally got the better of me and I decided to get a new pet. I kind of let the "cat" out of the bag in yesterday's blog; so I figured I should probably let everyone in on the secret.

This cat can be very mean--and is very fast. It is sleek and black for navigating the night. And it has a deep roar.

Right now--I have to keep it in the garage until I get it trained and house broken.

I guess I do crazy things when I get snowbound.

But I have been seriously looking for a car like this for months (bordering on years) now--and I finally found one that met all of my specifications and was a good deal too.

Chris and I are excited about driving it to Florida this summer! I'm just excited about driving it--once the snow melts and the temperature gets about 60 degrees. Is that ever going to happen?

Every time I drove it through a puddle while we were bringing it home the other night--I cringed! I drove it to church on Sunday just to get it out on I-95 and it got stuck in the parking lot leaving the church,. Not real good on snow and ice on a hill. But I knew that.

Ethan really enjoyed it when I put the top down on Sunday. He was a bit worried that it was going to hit him on the head though when I put it back in place. Everyone in the family wants to go for a drive--but they are going to have to wait until the weather gets a bit better.

So here is the problem--I don't know what to call it. I already have a Kitty--so that is out. And I could tell that Kitty was jealous sitting under the pile of snow she is currently stuck in. Cleopatra has been proposed--and it a good name, but, not too sure that I want to call my car that. Any ideas would be appreciated.

We will have to see what happens to Kitty--I'm not sure I have enough time (or money) to feed and maintain two big cats!

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Anonymous said...

The car is so awesome and I am so happy you finally got a car you love! Its great to see you in a nice car for once, you always gave everyone else the better cars and you drove the clunkers, so enjoy the new car you totally deserve it:)
I have been trying to come up with names, but haven't. Give me more time, I will have some suggestions:)

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