Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow fizzler and Olympic Hockey

I woke up this morning anticipating the worst weather possible--and at a minimum having to shovel the driveway.

But it seems that Maryland was spared, so far, and places like Upstate NY are going to get hammered as a result.

Frankly--we deserved the break. I think we have enough snow, although much of it is about gone.

On to other stuff though---

Being the huge hockey fan that I am, I just have to make a comment about last nights Canadian blow out of the Russian hockey team. Wow! Did someone forget to tell the Russians what time the game started?

I'm really hoping that the gold medal game is US vs Canada in a rematch! Although the US team did not look all that good against Switzerland, remember that the Swiss team took the Canadians to a shoot out when they played. And the US had to play the Swiss team twice.

But I'm beginning to look ahead a bit I guess. First up for the US team to get to the gold medal round is going to be the Fins who I think were the number three seed entering the tournament after Russia and Canada.

What are we all going to do after the Olympics?

Oh yeah--it's baseball season and the Spring Training games will be getting into full swing. AND there are six more weeks to the regular hockey season followed by three months of playoffs before the Penguins are crowned back-to-back Stanley Cup Champions!

And flowers and blossoms and grass to mow and pools to open. Soon!

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