Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Around the Sunday Dinner Table

Of all of the really cool things that we do as a family, one of the coolest is having Sunday dinner together. It seems that we all get together many Sunday's to celebrate family and life.

Last Sunday, we gathered around the dinner table and it was really special because Mom and Dad were there and all of the family was there--all of the sons, and daughters and grandsons (we haven't any grand daughters, yet). It is rare that "everyone" is there and I wondered about how we all happened to be in that place at the same time.

But as I looked around the table and listened to the myriad of conversations, I realized that I was blessed. And that we all were blessed.

Four generations sat around that table--and were together for an all too short afternoon.

Yes--it was loud and sometimes frustrating. But the memory of it is good.

It was truly special.

So was the pasta that Chris made--it was all gone by the end of dinner and we usually have leftovers for lunch!

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