Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cats--Getting what they want

The cat!


Yesterday morning the cat, Louis, was hungry. Never mind that it was 4 AM--or Oh-Four-hundred when normal people and animals are asleep.

So what happened?

He began to meow. No problem, ignore the cat.

Then he went into the bathroom off the bedroom and began banging the door on the vanity. No problem, ignore the cat.

Then he came into the bedroom and began to meow. No problem ignore the cat.

Then he jumped up onto the nightstand and began pushing stuff onto the floor. No problem, ignore the cat.

Then he woke up the Makayla who began moving around on the bed. No problem ignore the cat AND the dog.

Back into the bathroom to crash the doors again. No problem ignore the cat.

Then the dog stuck her cold nose into my face to announce to me that she needed to got out because she is awake and needs to relieve herself. Consider for a moment the consequences of ignoring the dog and then get out of bed and put on some warm clothes since we keep the house at about 64 degrees at night.

Put Makayla out, bring Makayla in. Give dog a treat for doing her business outside.

Feed cat. Consider the consequences of throwing cat out into the snow storm and forgetting about it. Let cat eat and stay inside.

Put second dog, Zachary, out, bring second dog in.

Stumble to the computer to check for school closing. Call work to check for a snow opening delay. Determine there is a delay and go back to bed.

Go to sleep and dream about not having a cat.

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