Friday, February 5, 2010

Cars, Accidents and Closure

An amazing thing happened the other evening. My truck was returned to the stable without warning--but clean, gassed and ready to go.

Patrick and Tina have finally overcome the loss of two vehicles by replacing them.

Thanksgiving began the vehicular crisis with an accident which ultimately destroyed Tina's beloved Scion. The saga of the Scion is still not fully over because the insurance company is being very slow and difficult over assigning a value. I am very distressed over their slowness and poor response because they are dealing with my insurance company. But she now has a great Mazda which is going to see her through many miles of driving pleasure.

The vehicular crisis continued with Patrick's Honda's engine deciding to cease functioning which resulted in him getting a newer Honda. That happened rather rapidly, but surprisingly, he only got his license plates this week.

So this chapter is almost over and my beloved truck is back.

Patrick and Tina stopped by to show us the new Mazda, return the truck, and celebrate nearing the end of this two-month chapter in their lives.

Time to move on--and learn.

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