Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Olympic Sports from Snowpocalypse 2010

Well, it has come to this.

As we all sit around watching the nothingness which is television, our minds begin to wander to sports and the Winter Olympics which start in two days.

Here are some new sports which are being talked about on Facebook:

Poo patrol...This is where you have to get your dog to poo in a blizzard in the quickest amount of time. It involves shoveling out a large area and path and then having to rescue your dog when he deviates from the path and gets stuck in 4' of snow.

The 300' X 30' driveway shovel should be kick ass...

The 5' (snowplow just went by) mailbox dig... great stuff....

I'm darn sure we have a better luge on my street than they do in Vancouver!

"Find the Fire Hydrant" event

and don't forget the ever popular

Dig the car out of the ice mound without getting killed by on-coming traffic event (I mean it has to be better than curling)

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