Friday, February 19, 2010

On the Sofa

It happens nearly every evening about 9:15 pm.

As we begin the process of winding down from the activities of the day we move to the sofa and a chair next to the sofa to read, talk, catch up on Facebook, maybe drink some wine and otherwise relax.

Well--it seems we have begun to do this a lot, because Chris and I are not the only ones who take the cue to wind down from the sofa time. The other night, in addition to Chris on the sofa, there also was Louis the cat, Zachery the yorkie, and Makayla the keeshond joining her.

It was pretty funny to see them all spread out in their spaces filling up the sofa as we began the process of preparing for bed.

I could say the whole family was together and at peace.

And I guess we were. We just noticed it for what it was the other night. Our multi-species family all gathered together to enjoy each other and relax before going to bed.

I could almost hear the ending for the Waltons in the background.

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