Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day 2010

It's four-fifty something in the morning. I can't sleep. The dog is scratching, my nose is runny, Chris is snoring, and it's only 28 degrees outside--a heatwave compared to Sunday's 9 degrees.

And to top it all off, I'm worried about the groundhog.

I want him not to see his shadow so bad--and call an end to this too long and too cold winter. Someone needs to take control.

I want to open the pool and recline on a floatie with a cold beer in the hot sun in the afternoon.

And it all depends upon some furry woodland creature named Phil who lives in an unpronounceable place (Punxsutawney) in Pennsylvania.

Really? Our whole future depends upon the prognostication ability of a wood chuck? You can even get minute-by-minute reports from Gobbler's Knob of the activities of Phil on your cell.

I'm worried because Phil doesn't really care because he doesn't even like swimming in a pool.

Come on Phil--give us a good report! The electric company has stolen enough of my money this winter while I try to walk the fine line between being just a tad cool and frozen in order to conserve electricity and have enough money left over to live on after paying the electric bill.

We're depending upon you Phil! Give us a break and end winter early!

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