Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowpocalypse 2010 Round 2 - It Begins

Snow is falling--we got about 4 inches overnight with about 10 inches more expected during the day in what is being called Blizzard conditions.

We did get out to visit with the family yesterday. We did some sledding down a hill with Ethan and Jax and then looked at a house that Nicole and Jeremy are considering buying and subsequently went to dinner with them and of course the newest grandson--Lucas.

So as I looked off the porch this morning as Round 2 begins, I was confronted by more of the same: snow falling from the sky. Although I do like the reflection of the flash off the falling snow flakes. It is important to note that the truck was free of snow yesterday--and so it provides a record of the snow which has fallen overnight.

Oh--that blob behind the truck is my Jaguar. And the one behind that is Patrick's disabled Honda waiting for better weather for us to get it ready to sell.

I'm not sure we'll see either of them again until May--at the rate snow is falling. At least Kitty, the Jaguar, has a car cover over top of her.

As we drove around yesterday we were shocked by the number of trees which the round 1 of the storm brought down.

On the other hand--we have been really pleased to see our whole community pull together to help each other dig out.

Everyone knows--this is the fault of that woodlands weather forecaster--right? We need to put a contract out on Punxsutawney Phil.

Now here is the serious part:
- Gas stations are running out of gas (we had to go to two stations last night to fill the car)
- Grocery store shelves are beginning to get bare (Safeway was out of eggs and orange juice and was nearly out of milk yesterday.
- The isn't a snow shovel to be had in the region (both of mine need to be replaced--but I've repaired them for the next round)
- The roads in some places are a mess--even the main roads change from two to one open lane without warning and many secondary roads are snow packed and barely wide enough for two vehicles to pass.
- Many cars and streets still waiting to be freed from the previous snowfall
- Snow removal equipment trying to find creative places to put the snow
- Drivers who have not changed their technique to accommodate the reduced visibility at corners and lack of on ramps on the highways.

But we are OK and expect to persevere.

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