Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow and Panic

And so the regional panic of the record setting snowfall continues today.

It is expected to snow later this evening and there is panic in the streets as people rush to the stores to obtain supplies in case the storm changes and smashes us with feet instead of inches of snow.

I have to admit--my new cat is safely in the garage isolated form this terrible forecast.

In jeopardy--my weekend trip to warmer climates: Houston for the biggest birthday bash ever thrown in the family!!

Will Southwest cancel my flight on Friday?

Will I get a refund if they do, or just a credit?

Why is this so hard?

And yet the snow (from inches to feet) is still coming and the frustrating thing is that we hope for the best, but must plan for the worst!

My question--will this winter ever end and let us get on with the rest of our lives? I want to go out and dig in my gardens and see the crocus and daffodils get us on the path of springtime.

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