Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Azul 17 - Restaurant Review

Saturday night we wanted to go out to dinner to some place different. So we spun up the I-pod application for places to eat and decided on Mexican and then came upon Azul 17. A place in Columbia that we had never heard of, much less visited.

This place is not to be missed. It bills itself as a Mexican cuisine and tequila lounge---and it truly is.

The food was upscale and well prepared. The service was fantastic and the atmosphere was not your classic Mexican taco-bar dive. Azul-17 truly is a nice place to take friends and visitors for a true dining experience. The atmosphere is very professional and elegant and the service was outstanding.

The restaurant is located off Snowden river Parkway in Columbia is a small plaza with somewhat limited parking. But it is well worth the effort to go there.

Before dinner, we had the guacamole made at the table. It was very tasty and spiced exactly the way we desired it to be. For dinner I enjoyed the Carnitas Patria which is listed as consisting of roasted pork sautéed until crispy with a trio of bell peppers & onions served with boniato mash over a black bean chorizo broth. It was fabulous and served in a most attractive manner.

The margarita that Chris has with her dinner was equally fabulous and one of the smoothest margaritas that I have tasted.

RECOMMENDATION: This is a place to experience and enjoy on multiple occasions. I will be going back for more, soon!

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