Monday, November 30, 2009

Fire in the Mountains

OK--this isn't my usual Monday musings--but I saw something again tonight that I just had to write about.

Fire in the mountains!

Yup--the sunset behind the Rockies illuminated the evening sky and made it appear as if the mountains were on fire. It was a sight to behold--and one that although I've seen before--I never grow tired of seeing.

Probably accentuated by the fact that I live in Maryland where there are no mountains of Rocky Mountain proportions.

The sky was a cyan and as the last rays faded--the mountains were silhouetted in splendor with orange and red colors behind them.


It seems I always forget to bring one since I'm not on a tourist trip--but a business trip.

But I can see them in my mind--from my hotel room window looking across the plains to the foothills just north of Denver.

Is this what they call a Rocky Mountain high?

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