Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Makayla the Wonder Pup Turns One

Unbelievable. My hot dog.

It is happy birthday to Makayla! She turned one this morning and it truly is an amazing feat.

From the tiny furry pup that was barking for me under last year's Christmas Tree, to today she has brought a complete change in life for Chris and I while reminding us how much we love dogs.

Can I just say that next to the bicycle I got when I was a kid--she is probably the best Christmas present ever!

Not just a gift--but a companion and friend who truly loves to be with us.

She jumps up on the couch (shhh!, don't tell Chris) and plays with me while I am watching TV. She wants to go places with me--no matter where. And she is just around.

She also forces me to get out for long-ish walks to enjoy the outdoors--even though it is along a street.

She is also probably the reason we didn't go bike riding this year--because we couldn't take her along--but I think we may try to get her to run alongside the bikes next year.

Oh yeah--she it too smart for her own good.

And some in the family think she is too high octane--her secret nickname is "animal" from the Muppet's!

She is becoming a first class watchdog--anything that moves withing a hundred yards of the house is alerted on! And that is not a bad thing.

Thanks to all who participated in the let's get Dad a dog for Christmas secret pact. And thanks for letting me choose the gender--even though I had no idea at the time that I was doing that.

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