Monday, November 30, 2009

Chicago Morning

I just looked out the window of my Boeing 757 as we broke out of the clouds somewhere over Lake Michigan. And there she was. A jewel on the shore illuminated by the morning light. Chicago.

The lake was calm and blue. The skyscrapers were gathered together on the shore, like so many people headed down to the water's edge they seemed from 38,000 feet.

It was pretty. They looked small like a Lego city. Yet I know they tower to a thousand feet or more above the ground.

I almost never sit in window seats, but today the plane is full and I didn't have a choice. I guess I miss a lot of sights when I travel on the aisle of life.

I can see the cloud bank off in the west waiting to obscure the ground from my view again. But for a brief minute I could see how a city gathers together on the shore of a magnificent lake.

And the clouds have returned with their light "chop" as the pilots call it when it feels like the jet is hitting potholes in the road. It is like riding a bus--or not.

I love looking at America and being reminded that the world is so much bigger than my backyard.

Bob Doan
Elkridge, MD
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