Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getting New Windows

How tough can it be?

We ordered them and had a day scheduled--but it rained. Then we had to reschedule. But of course even with the rain pummeling the earth and the forecast for it not to let up, they didn't call until after their scheduled arrival time.

They were supposed to call me to reschedule. But they didn't.

I had to track them down.

But, they are coming on my schedule--today--or so they say.

And in addition we have an electrician coming to install a bunch of recessed lights and remove the late 80's looking florescent light unit from the kitchen.

Do you know what that means? Two things:

1. I'll be doing drywall work again to patch the holes

2. Chris will find another project that needs to be "done before the holidays!"

Well, with the holidays upon us it is time to begin transforming the house into a Christmas castle of light or something like that. Maybe I'll put up the Christmas lights while the electrician is doing his thing.

Sleigh bells ring--can you stand it?

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