Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Being Sick is a Real Downer

I left work early yesterday because I was feeling rotten.

I slept for over two hours when after I got home. It was nice to crawl my weary body into the cave and bed down accompanied by my faithful companion - Makayla.

I've been sniffling and sneezing all afternoon. Running a low grade fever and coughing.


I got laryngitis over the weekend and almost couldn't sing at the memorial service for a friend. I knew something was going on--but the first cold of the season is a hard reminder of the stuff still to come. I wish it had passed me by--I have so much to do at work.

We have electricians coming on Wednesday and I hope to get the windows installed as well.

I have racquetball tonight--I hate to cancel because it is so hard to reschedule.

Life just doesn't take a time out for being sick! There is, however, a whole Facebook group devoted to "I Hate Being Sick."

I'm just too busy to be sick and out of work--but I have to think of my coworkers--they do not need to get the crud--so I need to be responsible and not act like the invincible man or something equally as arcane.

So am I going in, or not?

Stay tuned!

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