Thursday, November 5, 2009

World Serious Thoughts

And so it was decided Wednesday night.

The Yankees resume their presumed throne atop Major League Baseball as the champions of the world by winning the World Series in six games. Or at least champions of North America, well except for maybe Cuba.

They just seem to be a lot of highly paid mercenaries, who don't play the game for the "Love of the game" but for the fame and fortune it brings.

I guess I'm just being difficult because the distance between the 28th best team in baseball, the Orioles, and the best team, the Yankees, seems so great a chasm.

I love baseball, but I just could not bring myself to watch the game after it became apparent when the score inched up to 5-1 that the Yankees were going to win. I reached a decision point: go to bed or stay up and watch the Yankees consume the Phillies. Go to bed won.

Don't get me wrong--the Yankees have some great players. Some that should have been Orioles! But in my mind they represent the worst that baseball has to offer--except of course for winning a championship.

And so now, I am without baseball--another summertime friend has packed it in for the winter. I get to watch the Orioles as they struggle for respectability during the off-season--and maybe next year even sport a winning record--82-80 would be a huge improvement.

Sigh. Baseball, when there are no games being played is statistics and dreams. I have lots of dreams but lack the statistics to bring them to reality. But--February is coming. And when catchers and pitchers report--it is a sure sign that no matter what the groundhog says--Spring is here and summer is not far behind.

So for the next year--we will have to suffer through the words--"and now the World Series Champion New York Yankees"--attached to everything baseball. But the winds of change are moving in the American League East--and the dreamer in me says--watch out Yankees--there are a bunch of Orioles from Baltimore that are looking to replace you!

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