Sunday, November 8, 2009


I received this news alert from CNN--

"U.S. unemployment rate hits 10.2 percent in October, the highest rate since April, 1983. Job losses total 190,000."

I thought the government just said that we saved over 265,000 jobs?

Don't the 190,000 people who lost their jobs know that their jobs were really saved? If we save 265,000 but lose 190,000 jobs does that mean we really saved 75,000 jobs--or does it mean we really lost 455,000 jobs?

I'm so confused!

Does Congress have any idea that we are talking about real people and families here and not monthly numbers on a spreadsheet report?

Each job has a face--and possibly many faces attached to it.

The Congress is talking about a health care reform package which we cannot afford while the people who need it the most are losing their jobs and won't be able to get health care in any form.

2010 is an election year!

Right now my vote is for anyone but the incumbent! We need to restore accountability to Congress.


And who is the Congress accountable to? "We, the People . . ."

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