Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monday Musings - Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1. I waited until December to put these together because it was so close.

2. The last month of the year has arrived--and while the weather has been mild, with the holiday season upon us, I am sure the weather will turn more seasonal, too.

3. Traveling always reminds me of the vastness of the country and its diversity. Cities to open lands, mountains to rolling prairie, and don't forget the wide-open water of the Great Lakes.

4. Family--that is what makes Thanksgiving such a great holiday. I realize that i enjoy the day more because I have family to enjoy it with. We had four generations present around the table on Thursday--a definite wow factor ensued.

5. While I was off from work, enjoying family and relaxation of the holiday--there were millions of others who were working --whether serving us all by being on the front lines of the war in Afghanistan, or the operations centers monitoring the world, or in the police cars in my town or yours, or the hospitals caring for the sick. Some were flying the friendly skies while others were piloting the ships on the seas. Or in the grocery store I ran to on an emergency errand. God bless you all--who can't just take a day off because the calendar says it is a holiday.

6. One take away from the message in church on Sunday--was to be thankful for what we have--and express that thanks to others in the written word so they know that they are appreciated.

7. It is December--remember all of those New Year's resolutions? You have 31 days to get them done!

8. Can you remember life before cell technology? I can't. I mean how great is it to be able to call family from wherever I am in the world. And to talk to my family as they are driving to work or what ever they are doing!

9. Sadly, the annual Axis and Allies game did not happen--too many defectors from the group. We WILL reschedule for over the Christmas/New Year holiday break!

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