Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What Time is it?

I heard an interesting sermon in church on Sunday--it was about the most asked question in American society today: "What Time is it?"

It seems that we are all asking this one question more than any other question. We all want to know what time it is. And it got me thinking.

I do wonder about the time a lot. Whether it is because I need to attend a meeting at work, or go somewhere, or am wondering how much longer until I can go home.

But it seems I am always wondering about the time because there is something I need to do that needs to be synchronized with someone else. And we are all precise!
- Do NOT be late to a meeting!
- Do NOT miss an appointment at the doctor's office or they will charge you.
- Don't forget to have dinner ready!

I remember when I was a kid--I measured time differently. How many months, then days, then hours until Christmas! Or how many months, then days, and then hours until summer vacation. There were bells in the school to tell me when to change classes--so I didn't need to worry about the time, just the next bell.

My understanding of time was larger and the accuracy was less precise.

The pace of life was different--I didn't need to ask so many times per day what time it was, because all I needed to know was that it was daylight or dark and that pretty well defined the level of accuracy I needed.

I long for those days.

Kind of like vacation--I get up when I wake up, not when the alarm goes off (unless of course I need to meet the dive boat at 6:30am).

When I'm on vacation, I leave to do something--when I'm ready and not because I have to be at work on time.

On vacation, the structure of my life changes--for the better. I get more rest. I am happier.

And you know what--when I ask "what time it is" it is because I don't want what I'm doing to end, rather than needing to get prepared to race to another appointment.

And so, I've thought about the question a bit, and do you know "What time it is?"

Time for change!

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