Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Musings - November 16, 2009

1. After a week of gloom, the return of the sun cheers the soul and mood.

2. Having a head cold really is a downer--it hurts to even think about doing anything.

3. Yesterday, the dogs were quiet in the morning and we slept in till about 8am. That never happens. Wow!

4. Whenever a doorbell rings on TV, Makayla barks and runs for the door. It makes me laugh.

5. Memorial services celebrating the uncommon life of a special person can be very uplifting. And when a lot of friends get together to celebrate and sing--it is even better.

6. Makayla looks great when I take the time to brush and comb her--but really, it takes a lot of work because she has a lot of coat. I should brush her weekly--but I don't.

7. 70 degrees, sunny sky, November 15th--what could be better?

8. We are getting some new lights in the kitchen and family room--should really upgrade the look. Seems we are doing a lot of home upgrade projects right now--ew windows, lights, and painting room and redecorating. I guess it is one way to combat the darkness of winter--work in the interior while it is not worth the effort to work outside.

9. Glory days. Remembering old times, friends and events from a time long, long ago are the memories that lives are made of. It is good to remember the past--but we live in the present and need to bring the memories forward to the now.

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