Friday, November 13, 2009

Line of Sight Shopping

I had an interesting experience this past weekend. I got tangled-up in "Line of Sight Shopping!"

There we were--walking into Costco, for food.

But as we know, Costco is full of other distractions--clothing, books, CD, auto supplies.

So there we were in this target rich shopping environment--needing some meat and veggies.

And where did we go first?--to look at books for Jackson. Really? And then coats.

Line of sight shopping. if it is there, whether it is on the list or not, we need to shop it. Not necessarily buy it, but shop it. The object goes from not being on the list to suddenly becoming a decision point as to which book should we buy. Why?

Because, like the mountain in front of the mountain climber, it is there.

While it is a great way to support the economic recovery--it doesn't do much for the family budget.

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